Hey, creative Photoshoppers! Something funny (:

Hey everyone! :)
It has been a while, since my best friend put a new profile picture on Facebook, which appeared .. let's say 'interesting' to me and I started photoshopping it ;D It's him mowing the lawn next to his house, acting cool. Don't asked me why, I don't know it either. :D
So, here's the original picture and an example of what I mean - my request for you is to make funny pictures like that ( yes, he's totally okay with that!!), so I can put them together and make a photo book for his birthday ... if you like!

That's it for now, thanks!

Original.jpg BrummBrumm.jpg ET.jpg
hahahahaha that sooo funny because I used to mow the grass 10 minutes ago with a machine like that :D