1. P

    Specific Edit Funny Photo

    Hello! I find myself on this site about once a year whenever my company has us take employee photos. I've really enjoyed seeing, and using what some of you have posted in the past and hope someone can edit these once again! For the past few years I've tried to get creative so that I can use a...
  2. C

    Paid Put outfit on person in picture $15

    I'm trying to do a gag gift of someone at work and I have no skill in photo shop. If someone could put this person in a maid outfit that's in the picture that would be awesome. I'd really like for it to look as close to real as possible.
  3. P

    Specific Remove Hands

    Hello, I've posted a few times in the past and have been more than happy with the result. Can anyone remove my hands from one of the funny looking pictures, so it just looks like I have a weird looking smile and a messed up face haha? I actually have Photoshop, but my hard drive failed a few...
  4. S

    Specific Put my face on Thanos pretty please?

    Hello, I would appreciate it if anyone could put my face onto Thanos from Infinity War, as though I was actually Thanos. So for further explanation, my hair would be gone, it would be just my face where his would be and my skin tone would match his (purple or whatever it is), and I would have...
  5. J

    Please help me complete my calendar!

    I am pleafully requesting your help in completing a charity fundraising project I am working on. I am creating a "Men of" calendar for the bar I used to work at in Hawaii, and it's 90% funny 10% sexy. All proceeds of calendar sales go to Planned Parenthood, so it's for a good cause! I want the...
  6. chrisdesign

    Challenge #53: Funnymal

    It's time again! Thanks all for participating and voting in the last challenge, and thanks to Eggy for thinking it up. The theme of this month is: Funnymal Create a funny looking animal. Anything is acceptable, you can mix two animals, or put a smile on a snake, or create a caterpillar...
  7. K

    For my wife

    Can anyone Photoshop a cigarette and beer on my son? Cigarette in his left hand, beer in his right hand? Then I want to share it with my wife who will find it funny. Thanks!
  8. S

    Challenge #47 Funny &/or Dangerous Situations

    Challenge #47 Funny &/or Dangerous Situations Hello everyone, Thank you Chris for the challenge# 46. It was a great imaginative challenge. A big thanks to all who participated and voted in challenge #46 created by Chris & made me a winner. This months Challenge is about Funny &/or...
  9. M

    I desperate need some help with this photo

    can you please help me make this photo more professional? like changing the color of my face, it is too red or just transform it in something creative or funny if you can help me make one photo funny and one creative it will be awesome just make something awesome with this photo please It's for...
  10. T

    Up for a challenge? Three friends missed out, help us photoshop them in in style!

    My friend just found out she's moving next week and I wanted a picture photoshopped to give her at her birthday party THIS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14th! We took a group photo, but three close friends missed it. The requests may seem odd, but I guarantee you in conversation these were requested by these...
  11. S

    Faceswap Request: The Prom Photo

    Hello, I need someone to change both faces of these two with the faces I have presented. It is for a joke for my friends concerning the hype going on about Prom. It doesn't have to be perfect either. Thank You!
  12. agentmoeller

    Made a funny pic....

    .... a little bit funnier.
  13. Paul

    Current Affairs

    I thought it was funny while i made it:bustagut:
  14. Paul

    Change the scene.

    Take an iconic movie scene and alter it in a funny way. :mrgreen:
  15. Paul

    You and your Avatar...

    Does the avatar you use mean anything to you or is it just something you liked the look of. I change mine almost daily, i use Photoshop to create most of them and i hope they are funny if not raising a little chuckle from members. How about yours?
  16. albertdsouza

    Car accident Photomanipulation

    This is something I did in October last year. Feedback and tips are welcome :)
  17. A

    No. Flex. Zone

    Hey guys, I got a picture from the other weekend I really wanna post. The only problem is my Gf's mom and family follows me. . . Is there anyone who can do some funny editing or blurring with this picture so it's postable? Thanks.
  18. Paul

    Funny jokes and images Thread

    Ok make your own or post a funny image from the net, even better if it's shop related:thumbsup:
  19. R

    Your creativity is needed! It'll be funny! :)

    Hey everyone! :lol: Last summer me and a friend were in Barcelone, Spain. I took a realy cool picture of him and i photoshoped it twice. Now I need your creativity! Can you photoshop it? I need more pictures, it would be so nice. When I've enough then I'll show him the ''collection''...
  20. PhotoshopTrainingChannel

    Photoshop CS6 Easter Egg - Interface and Color Themes

    While the developers of Photoshop were working on CS6 they had code names for the different color layouts. For example the darkest was Rye bread and White bread for the lightest. They also had Coffee code names and they all made it to the final version To see what they are simply go to edit >...