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How to Create a Pop Art in Photoshop


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In this Six-part tutorial, I’ll show you how you can Turn a Photograph into artwork that was popular in the mid 1950’s. to add flair to your projects, make a super cool poster with it, and set it up for, and send it off to, Print!

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If you google "Pop Art Tutorial" you'll get loads of tutorials on the same subject.
This is just one I picked out, explaining it a lot easier and faster, and getting a much better result than you achieve in your 6 part tutorial.

In one part of your tutorials you show us how to use the pen tool to make a selection around the girls head. Very strange to see how you add hundreds of dots.
My suggestion: Watch a tutorial about the proper use of the pen tool, before you post your next tutorial.
Thank you, for your time to write this big comments for nothing.
No matter what level of Photoshop you know, these Six videos are practically guaranteed to teach you something new, making you able to work in Photoshop more efficiently, save time and money on hiring a professional Pop art
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Dear Video Creative - There is absolutely no reason to be so defensive. ChrisDesign is an professional, expert photoshoppper. He has spent a major part of his professional life working in this area.

His comments and suggestions are *always* meant to help less experienced people, not simply to be critical for the sake of sounding important. I suggest you listen to his advice very, very carefully.

For example, it is beyond silly to use hundreds of points to define the selections in your video -- it simply demonstrates a lack of knowledge of better methods, and this major gap in your knowledge casts substantial doubt on your claim to help people work more efficiently. If you would like, we would be happy to put this thread on hold while you rework the tutorial.

Best regards,

Tom Mann
I do not say anything for ChrisDesign everything it's okay thank for comment.
i'm not a professional in Photoshop i'm only a programmer and i works for VideoCreative.
Tutorial Author is Mark Monciardini i think ChrisDesign some years ago have watch tutorial from Mark Monciardini. Mark is really a professional in Adobe.
In the end thank you for your time for this big comment (much text) for nothing.

Sam Loyer
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