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Filters How to create this from photos

first you have to make the image very low in dimensions so you can see the pixels
then you have to go to image - mode - indexed color and choose for only 3 or 4 colors


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@goodguydawid - Just letting you know that the request you have made is not that easy to accomplish. It requires many steps.

I thought it was a simple Gradient Map but I was wrong. This is as close as I have managed to come and I could never explain how I did it, at least not to where I would think you would understand.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 5.35.32 PM.png

Hopefully someone else figures out an easy way to accomplish this effect.


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Same applies to the Hannya. I'm not sure what color filters or blending modes were used. I'm still working with that one.
And something like this in 2 or 3 tones
I was able to come pretty close to your second attachment using a gradient map (which is where IAMSAM was heading).

Charlotte1.jpg Charlotte2.jpg

If you search for "Photoshop Duotone" effect you'll find a number of tutorials. I've attached one below, which is what I used here, plus one extra modification. I followed the steps in the tutorial, but for my image I chose to greatly increase the contrast of the gradient map (where the black arrows are pointing, below).


Lastly, I copied the final image to a new layer and selected Filter>Sketch>Halftone, which gives the dot pattern. I set the layer blend mode to Overlay (but other blend modes also work well) and adjusted the layer opacity to about 35%.

Here's the tutorial for Duotones.