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How to create this vintage 70s-80s soft glam portrait effect?

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this style of editing is absolutely gorgeous, i love how soft and dreamlike it looks. im new to photoshop so i was wondering if anyone could give me insight in how to accomplish this look!

also if anyone could enlighten me if there is a proper terminology for this era or style, thatd be great :)


It is always good to see a new member. Welcome aboard.

I would suggest you make attempts following the video tutorials, and if you are stuck somewhere, get back with a screenshot and description - you will get help. Otherwise, what you are asking for is vague and too general.
but i wouldn't have come onto the forum if i haven't already exhausted all of my youtube searches.
I see...............can you please be more specific about what your asking for? All of the effects in the examples you provided can be derived from the link I posted. You will have to learn many different techniques and then combine them to get the desired results. There's really no specific terminology for these effects. Soft focus, desaturation, glint effects, gradient mapping.......etc.
I have attempted most of those video tutorials on the page. Everything I try ends up looking like a bad instagram filter lol.

& the tutorials make it look like it's an effect, if you get what i'm saying. Like it kinda looks cheesy and artificial.
Like it looks like "Oh that's obviously filtered/photoshopped" whereas these pictures look more subtle and as if they were kinda taken that away- like you just happened to walk in on someone's dream. Like it happened that way because of the camera it was taken with, not necessarily the editing.

The aspects I'm trying to emulate I suppose are:
-They all have that dated VCR look to them.
-Not exactly sure what's going on with the colors or how youd refer to that, but I like how it looks "old" or "vintage"
-the duplicate person effect in the first photo
-theyre all kinda blurry? not exactly crisp.
-in the 1st, 3rd, &last photos especially, they all have the light reflecting from the jewelry creating a sort of "sparkle" /dazzle effect? Some softer/subtler than others.
Okay - how about lets take the help of this video using the same image shown in the link? Show us your image after following the instructions in the video and narrate to us what you do not like or what you want to look different. That way, as you get more specific, it is easier to help you out.

The reason your not getting a good match in photoshop, is that most of the attached reference is achieving its look using practical effects.

Soft filters, star filters, prisiming etc done in camera not in post.
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