1. C

    How to create this vintage 70s-80s soft glam portrait effect?

    this style of editing is absolutely gorgeous, i love how soft and dreamlike it looks. im new to photoshop so i was wondering if anyone could give me insight in how to accomplish this look! also if anyone could enlighten me if there is a proper terminology for this era or style, thatd be great...
  2. chrisdesign

    3D Neon Sign Art

    A little bit of BLENDER soft glow in the dark.
  3. K

    Help Removing Background

    Hi, i need help removing the background for this photo And do something like this I tried but the borders arent soft enough. Thanks in advance :D Regards
  4. G

    3D Tetris Made With Pillows!

    Ey whats up guys, in this video I used soft bodies to emulate a game of Tetris! It's a great way for people to learn about soft bodies in blender and it looks like pillows falling! Thanks and have fun!
  5. hershy314

    Days Gone By

    I got the idea for this from watching an episode of American Pickers. Plus I've always had a soft spot for old rusty vehicles and abandoned buildings.
  6. K

    Is there a "soft oil pastel" default brush in photoshop cs6?

    I like an artist who uses a brush which I simply cannot find. They said they use the "soft oil pastel" and that it's a default brush in cs6.I can only find the "oil pastel" which is number 63. not sure if i posted in the right place, would appreciate any help please!!!!! D:
  7. B

    Soft focus on non-portrait shot

    Hello I have this photo of a couple of children sitting on the bank of a canal close to where I live. I have reduced it to 20% of its original size for this forum. I would like to do two things with it: keep everything in focus apart from applying a slightly soft focus to the children. I...
  8. Tom Mann

    A nice hike and the first snow of the season for us

    Inspired by the challenge thread about a winter without any snow, I decide to post some actual photos (not composite images) of what the very first snow of the season looked like in this area. Yesterday, a friend and I took a nice 7 or 8 mile afternoon hike on the Appalachian Trail just north...
  9. Z

    Restoring deleted PMs?

    Hey guys, I deleted a PM a while ago, but i've forgotten the content of it and said content was quite important and I would like to know if PMs are soft deleted like posts are? And whether I can restore that PM? Thanks Zee
  10. G

    Color Effect on Starburst

    Would anyone teach me how the yellow blends so well with the blue on the streaky starburst? I know how to make the starburst...But when I try to replicate the effect, the yellow and blue doesnt pop out and it looks bland and really soft
  11. G

    Soft High Contrast Look?

    How can I achieve the look and effect that was done to Russell Wilson(the player)? It's soft, contrasty, a little bit grungy, and you can still see him perfectly. Is it made with a plugin like topaz labs?
  12. J

    Soft colouring tone request

    Hi everyone, Apologies if this has been covered previously. I have been experimenting for months to recreate these tones but I have thrown in the towel and I turn to you, the experts. How the frack do I do this? You see those lovely soft tones? I have tried everything that I can think of...
  13. A

    How to make soft circles

    Hi How can I do a soft circles like in icon
  14. D

    How to achieve this soft-ish atmosphere in photos

    The 2 pictures I attached kind of has a soft feel to them while still maintaining sharpness in the details. It's kind of hard to explain in words. Does anybody know how this kind of effect can be achieved? My best guess is some kind of color grading, but when I try it on my pictures, they...
  15. SeniorS

    Catalogue image archive soft?

    Coudn't imagine which forum section this question is best suited decided that this. Question: Need to catalague private image archive (chaos by now) to burn to DVD. I think now with all madness with digital camaras there must be tons of them. Finding out best would make weeks and kills...
  16. S

    Photoshop Soft effect

    Hello, Would anyone be kind enough to shed some light onto how this 'soft' effect can be created for photos using Photoshop? I have tried searching on Google with little luck but hoping a PS expert might be able to help :) THanks!!