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How to customize a brush so that it...


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I am able to create my own customizable brushes BUT I want more, WAY more. :eek:

I want a brush capable of picking up a pixel or a few and transform it/them into a bokeh, JUST WHERE they are.

The only tutorials I found are about making brushes, customizing them to do what ever but they create the same thing all over even if different sizes, scattered or whatever. :evil:

Nothing about being able to have one that selects what is underneath.:mad2:

Blur radius does not work, I tried and tried and tried again. If I still have hairs it because they are too short to pull and if the walls are still standing around me it is because I am wearing a soft pillow to protect them against my aggressiveness toward them (my wife was tired of paying for repairs). :frown:


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Hey Wolf,

Brushes are used with tools. There are many different tools that use a Brush to accomplish results based on their designed purpose. Many of which do alter the pixels of the layer as well as underlying layers, such as the Clone Stamp Tool. However, the tool is what alters or transforms and not the brush.

The Brush Tool itself is designed to add pixels (pigmentation) and could never be used to (directly) transform any underlying pixels itself without the aid of opacity changes or Blend Mode changes made on the layer. Take a look at the Brushes Panel and you will see a list of variations you can add to any brush.

You could create or download a Bokeh brush to add a Bokeh effect with the brush. This will still only add colors you assign to the brush and will not alter or transform the pixels on the layer they are applied or underlying layers.

24 Abstract Bokeh Brushes.

No matter what their (customized) shape, brushes will only perform to the designed abilities of the tool they are used with.