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how to re-open the blur tool window and blur effect window if you closed it


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hi..im using photoshop 19.1.5 on windows 10
and i accedently closed the blur tool window and blur effects .that you can see when you select blur gallery in filters menu....
im searching for answer of this issue for 2 days now....can someone please guide me through this...plz


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Hello and welcome.

Once you have made a blur change on any normal layer and closed the window, then you're done and it's no longer editable. You can reopen the blur window but you can only add more blur on top of what was already added.

The only way to have an adjustable blur for a layer is to convert that layer into a Smart Object. Then you can apply a "smart blur filter" that is editable. Smart Objects can be confusing but they are really fairly simple once you understand how they work. To convert a layer to a smart object, right click the layer and select "convert to smart object". Once the layer has been converted, the filters will now become "smart filters" that are editable.

This layer has been converted to a SO and had a Gaussian Blur "smart filter" added. This means I can edit the blur anytime even turn it off and back on again (eye icon). It also has a mask so I can mask out areas of the blur effect if needed.
Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 8.38.24 AM.png