I want to learn how to make these.

I don't know what these are called, makes your skin look like CG or something... can anyone please teach me how these are made or at least tell me what style of photo editing this is. Any form of assistance would be largely appreciated. :cheesygrin: Oh and i apologize for the big pictures, dunno how to make them as thumbnails.
1.jpg 8.jpg
It's combination of things
first remove all the blemishes
duplicate the layer, blur it but mask out eyes, and other areas that have to be sharp
maybe use the smudge or blur to to enhance the effect.

the maybe another layer for coloring the image

check out these tutorials


not exactly what you wanted but they teach you how to Photoshop skin
and I'm sure you could probably figure it out from there

I have some tutorials on my site
but nothing like that, maybe I'll try one next!

good luck!
Thank you so much! I found some really nice retouching tuts from the links, i will try those out. I look forward to seeing your version of those ^^ and teach me! lol.
These are exquisite. Thanks for sharing them.

I had fun emulating some of the effects. My photo was all wrong, especially the resolution - having the photograph done well is a huge part of his process I imagine. Anyway, here is my before and 2 afters:


I think that he used the liquify filter to get some of this alien skin texture and shape. Very cool stuff.
I love the humanoid image...

I been working on a piece very similar to that. You really do need the right model for the job.

It would be best to look at some good video tutorials to figure out how.
When I started high school in ’96,I would sit in the back of the class and play around in Photoshop and 3D Max. That’s when I really got a taste for the computer arts. Eventually I “obtained” a home version of photoshop and I have been spending hours in front of the computer ever since.
This is how he created the works of art, decades spent learning and honing his craft. It's not something you can teach in a tutorial or condense into a forum reply. It's really like asking how one would go about painting the Sistine Chapel.
My advice for anyone and everyone wanting to create art is learn the basics. Color theory, figure drawing, shading, lighting, perspective, rendering techniques, etc. Once you get the fundamentals down, learn how to apply them to the medium you want to work in(pencil, paint, 3D, Photoshop, painter, illustrator...) When you've done that, you will be able to look at a work of art and determine how the person created it, in addition to being able to create your own. :)
well i visited some links...thats are cool...they help me too for retouching the images
Ya tutorials are great and can be extremely helpful in the learning process. I was just pointing out that most of the time it's not as simple as "can you tell me how to make this" The artwork the OP posted, definitely fit into that category. :)
Yes I do agree with what Fatboy73 said. Tutorials, now matter how simple they make them, it would still be one heck of a disaster if one does not have the ample background on the medium. Luckily, sketching and painting stuff is my passion, and acquired a few basic Photoshop skills back then, until I contracted Multiple Sclerosis, a rather debilitating illness and thus paralyzing my drawing hand. It is true what they say, "once an artist, always an artist". That is why I concentrate on Photoshop. It is really great meeting and talking to fellow artists such as you guys. And I really appreciate all your feedbacks and comments :thumbsup:


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Oh i see Clare as been a busy little bee behind the duvet lol.
Very nice effect mate, i hope to see the finished robotic creation soon please.

I feel a in house challenge evolving from this mate, anyone else up for it?
Oh i see Clare as been a busy little bee behind the duvet lol.
Very nice effect mate, i hope to see the finished robotic creation soon please.

I feel a in house challenge evolving from this mate, anyone else up for it?
I would definitely be up for it. Wouldn't be until later in the week though. Tons of work and a deadline coming up. :)
Oh and I wanted to add Paul, those Avatar gifs you always come up with are friggen brilliant! You should make and sell them on the side. There should be an avatar fave button.