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I like the color choices and the lens flare is subtle. It works well with the glow on the letters. I don't know either if the font is great but overall it's really nice and fonts are a personal choice.


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hahaha thanks guys! ^_^ and i think i chose that font purely for the reason that i liked the hole in the "S" lol! is that bad? :p
NOPE! It works fine and all that matters is that the client is happy. Never change something because of an opinion of someone else. IamSam was expressing a thoughtful opinion and it was worthwhile to think about. You did.

Many times critique is very valuable and we do change our work because of it. And you did, in a roundabout way, ask for comments. Sometimes something really needs to be fixed and the OP should listen to responses. Well, you should listen to responses in any event. It's just that some work is sadly in need of rearranging, etc.

Keep up the good work and show us more. Go to Challenge 7 and give that a try!


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I have some ideas that I'm working on Clare for this challenge.

Kate, your font is not bad at all, in fact, I actually love it...........I'm just not sure it fits the underlying theme here. And, unfortunately, it's the S that seems out of place for me. But I'm goofy that way so pay no attention to me! My general rule for my own work is that if I like it, then that's enough scrutiny for me!