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It's amazing, Chris! Absolutely beautiful work.


PS - Oh, by the way, Herr Doktor Professors Jung and Freud asked me to pass along their contact information should you ever need their dream interpretation services, LOL.
Beauty Chris!! Love it!:thumbsup:
Thank you guys for your comments...always much appreciated.
@Tom: The "Interpretation of Dreams" by Freud is quite controversial and I doubt its therapeutic value. Because I often produce fantasy images with Photoshop, I'm still mentally healthy, (don't ask my wife), and have therefore never needed Psychotherapy. Lucky me!:lol:
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chrisdesign;1533698362...The "Interpretation of Dreams" by Freud is quite controversial and I doubt its therapeutic value... [/QUOTE said:
Actually, I also doubt the validity of his theories, but I thought mentioning it would be good for a laugh. Although ... after seeing the cute blond in your image, I may need to make sure my dreams are completely UN-monitored, LOL.

I like it too.... lovely composition, chris. Maybe it's just me... reduce the opacity and add blur to the black leading edges of the wings?


If I understand Freudian psychology .... the appearance of a woman in a dream either signifies sexual fantasy or the hate of one's father.

Maaannnnn..... you've got high flying fantasies, chris.... :devilish:
Thank you dv8_fx for your comment and the suggestion. You're right, the wings do look too hard. I post an update soon...
...and yes I have high flying fantasies. Just as well I didn't post the "adult version".:rofl:
The first version looks better. Somehow the blur threw the image off.

I had 2 thoughts on it at the time. Now I'm thinking I should have suggested the other which is to apply the look you have on the tail fin wings leading edge as it has softer edges with what looks like a very thin soft blur...... sorry for that.....
Loving the depth Chris the colour usage and lighting all add up to make this very nice on the eyes.