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  1. gedstar

    Woman photoshops herself really badly into holiday snaps

    And is rewarded with her dream trip to china
  2. B

    Color Correction

    Hi. i'm trying transform this: in this: yes, is the same game. But i do know how!!! i'm trying a lot of different forms, but this result is not good. How i make this shadows? This Ambient Occlusion? This "Dream Effect?" I know that the texture makes a difference, but I would like to...
  3. chrisdesign

    Washed up on the Beach

    Some of you have noticed that I was away on a vacation. Unfortunately, this is already a month ago, yet there still remain many beautiful memories of 2 wonderful weeks. Now last night I had this strange dream. On the beach of the Seychelles island of Praslin my ancient Nikon F3 was stranded as...
  4. T

    Hello people - Tereno

    Hello, in first excuse me but my English isn't perfetct, becaouse i'm a portuguese guy. So my nick is Tereno, and my love for PS stay during to seven years, but i have a dream to evolue.
  5. chrisdesign

    Just a Dream

    I imagine that over the clouds freedom has to be almost limitless. At least in a fantasy dream. Your critique and comments are always welcome. New updated version (blurred wings)
  6. fenix

    old dream

    Got lost in an old dream this morning. I am unfortunately born in the absolute wrong century... rats! :D at least i had a nice moment doing the pick tho.
  7. Paul

    Broken dream

    This one i gave it my all, i am happy with it. Just one area i have issues with but hey - we can always improve:wink:
  8. G

    tell me what you guys and gals think

    tell me what ya think