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Paid Lion in Sunrise

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Dear All

I already posted this in the free section, but because this is such a important picture for me (it got me throughout a addiction), I'm posting it also here, hoping to get the best result of it. I really don't know how much this cost, so pm or email me for a quotation.

My name is Dave Boers, from the Netherlands. I hope you can help with photoshopping picture lion nr 1. It's a lion standing in the sunrise, but I wanted to see it roar. Not an aggressive roar, but a good-morning-world-I-want-you-to-know-I-dominate-this-area-roar.
I already did send it to some facebook photoshop pages, but they send me lion nr 2, witch is certainly not bad, but that lion is roaring to the front, which makes it more like a warning roar to an opponent in front of him. I would like to see him more roar in the air, with his head tilted back. For inspiration, I added lion 3, 4 and 5. Let him show that he is the king of all the animals, this day and every other day.

I really hope you can help me!
Thanks in advance,

Dave Boers

lion 1.jpg

lion 2.jpg

lion 3.jpg

lion 4.png

lion 5.jpg
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