Looking for face (portrait) retouching on a per-image basis. Small quantities.

Hi, I am helping a young musician get started and I have a few photos of her that I'd like to have a good retoucher spruce up. She has some texture in her skin I'd like to reduce, and needs a little work with her eyes. Nothing extreme... I want it to be subtle. But though I've been using photoshop for years and years I've never learned how to do retouching and don't have time to learn.

If I could get a couple of images done for $10 or $20 apiece I'd really appreciate that. If I like your work there will be more... sporadically. I'm assuming that a good photoshop artist could accomplish what I'm asking in 10 or 20 minutes... so hopefully you'll be able to average between 30 and 60 dollars an hour working on my stuff. (I wouldn't want to pay a professional less).

Hi Owen,

Photo retouching is one of my specialties, and I would be happy to help you out.
I will note you my e-mail to send to if your interested.