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Need Critics for my new startup

Hi, Everyone I joined this website in 2005 and found this really really really helpful. Clare and some other members always helped me in learning and achieving different things in Adobe Photoshop. Then I had to disappear into personal crisis of mine in 2013. Anyway I still tell my students to visit this website as the only source of learning instead of going to somewhere else I even tell them to prefer text over videos.
Now I'm fed up with jobs and want to start up my own little business of graphic design. I created FB and Insta pages and a youtube channel for teaching adobe photoshop from beginning to end even though English is not my first language but I'm trying to improve day by day.
Here are the links to both of those fb and insta pages:

I won't attach all the graphic work I've done so far here. So if someone has any spare time for me and visit the three links above and help me improving my designs or YT videos I will be very thankful to him / her.

Again: Love You All.