Need help photoshopping someone into a picture

I had wonderful family pictures taken for our Christmas card, however, I really wanted our puppy in it, but she is 80lb lab who is still hard to handle. Is there a way to put her in our Christmas pic without it being totally obvious its fixed? Ive tried tutorials and cannot seem to figure it out :( PLEASE HELP

8803_10200167085406421_629735283_n.jpg 009.JPG
The black and white is what I want to use...however the pic of my dog I want to use is in color...I want to some how insert her left of my son in the black and white photo.
Definitely excellent work! I particularly like the way you masked things so it appears that the dog is in front of the wife, but in back of the kid. Another +1 for the leash!

Tom M


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What leash is everyone talking about? If everyone is referring to the cord running from the dogs neck that isn't a leash and was in the original picture. And good job on the Photoshop. Great idea putting the dog in front of the women but behind her son. It gave it great sense of depth and I think help blend everything and tie it all together.


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LOL..actually I didn't even notice the leash. I'm pretty sure that's just an electrical cable in the back.. hehe, just happened to line up perfectly. One of those Photoshop mysteries :p
IK about the leash thing Rob. I said it as a joke since I could see the wire from the original. And I agree, the dog looks too washed out to get the details back.

Nice job guys. :mrgreen: