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Need help with colors


Hello: I am new to the forum and have a question about purple. I am using photoshop and a GX7000 sublimation printer and am trying to get the Raven's purple color to come out looking like the Raven's purple. Does anyone know what the code colors are for the Raven's purple? No matter what color I use, I cannot get it to look like the right color of purple. It comes out looking bluish. One of my customers is in a Raven's club and they went on a Raven's roadtrip and I am trying to create a picture of the group with the words Raven's Roadtrip 2011 in the Raven's purple and cannot get the purple right. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP. I have to get this job completed today. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP.
I assume you're talking about the Baltimore Ravens.

Even on their web site the color varies.
Why don't you find the color there that looks right to you and sample from the web page?
Yes, I am referring to the Baltimore Ravens. I have tried that but I am doing sublimation printing and the purple comes out looking bluish.
I don't think your problem is selecting the right color or color code.

Have you calibrated your monitor and printer?
Do you have the right printer profiles for the paper your printing to?

Have you Proofed the image Ctrl+Y using the correct output?
I don't think I am able to give you a link to the website I got my information from (New kid on the block)

But the Ravens Hex codes are:

2b025b = Purple
f5a329 = Gold

And just in case you are unsure...
Make a blank new canvas in Photoshop and click the foreground colour icon at the bottom of the toolbar. When the colour picker opens type 2b025b into the small box in the bottom right corner of the window. Click OK.

Now hit Alt + Backspace on your keyboard to fill the blank canvas with your chosen colour. This should give you a good idea of how it looks.

Just for the record...I think it looks more blue than purple as well. In the colour picker try one of the lighter shades towards the top.
I agree with Steve on this. You have to sync your monitor and printer. I have had this problem with just an ink jet. It's nice to have the hex codes, but those won't help if they don't translate. My only other suggestion would be to make the purple more red than you think it should be on your monitor and see how that prints out. You can make a psd and print out a square of color, then if you need to try another, position it in another spot on the psd, make the orig. layer invisible, and print the next color out ... and so on (I'm ms. frugal when it comes to ink and paper, hence the psd suggestion!).