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New Logo Design - 80$ Paypal

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Hi all,

Thank you for taking the time to look at my request.

I am looking for a designer to create a new logo for a start up company and offering 80$ (Paypal) for completed work. I would love to get some brief very simple samples from multiple designers as I am unsure of what the logo should be. Therefore, you can be as unique as you like and feel free to add a personal touch if you wish.

Details for the logo:
  • Company name: Red Pen Communications / RedPen Communications. (The word "Communications" does not need to be included in the design if you feel it does not fit right).
  • Company sector: IT and cloud based services.
  • Company description: We are the knowledge and data transfer medium between consultants and clients on a secure cloud platform using online digital signatures. In English; we are the delivery van that goes back and fourth with confidential documents so the client doesn't have to! But all cloud based.)
  • Keywords: Knowledge transfer; data/file transfer; digital signatures; cloud platform; cloud storage for confidential files/folders.
  • What I would NOT like to see in the logo please: Pens, pencils, stylus' or a USB "pen" (memory stick) as there will be no physical signatures ever and no attachments being used. Memory sticks can be lost which equals data loss. There is 90% of the ideas gone, I know. I'm sorry.
  • Colour scheme: We'll go with Red. But feel free to think outside of the box.
  • Logo uses: The logo will be used for websites, fliers, letter heads, business card, tall standing banners. We are in no rush to print the business cards, etc. So may come back to the designer at a later stage and request business cards for an additional payment.

This will be a professional company. I would love to see some creative ideas from you all.

I would like to propose a deadline of Monday 16th February for anyone interested to reply and post a sample of their idea.

If you have any questions, please let me know.
Many thanks in advanced.

Proof sent by iDesign via PM.
Will be waiting until deadline (16th Feb) before any decision is made.
Proof sent by iDesign via PM.
Will be waiting until deadline (16th Feb) before any decision is made.

Just to remind you, RedPen... please visit your thread from time to time even just to post something. If we don't hear from you during the next 3 days, the thread will be locked and any images taken off-line as a precaution. You can have it re-opened with all images reinstated by a moderator.
1 day remaining until deadline for proofs to be submitted and a decision to be made by the other directors and I.
We have one proof submitted so far. I would love to see all of your creative ideas.
Well didnt seem much interest here so thought I would whip up a few quickies.

Hi all,

Thank you for your submissions. I will be reviewing them with my colleagues later this afternoon and will report back then.

Quick update:

I apologise about the delay; it is quite hard to find a suitable time for everyone to meet up. I should have an answer by this afternoon or latest tomorrow.

Thank you.
Iv'e realised I don't post my work much on this forum when working with clients, it's something I am going to try and do more often, I apologise.

My work I have to offer the OP:
Thank you all for your submissions. Really great work!

I have decided to take iDesign's submission.

Many thanks and kind regards.
Thank you for using us I am sure iDesign will be happy to work with you, could I ask that once the job is completed you take a minute to write a quick review here so that future prospective clients can have a brief idea of what idesign is like to work with,


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