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Hey there,

I am new to Photoshop and shall be using it to create a design as a graphic before I actually design it in Dreamweaver to upload. (I design diary/blog layouts at http://re-designs.diaryland.com)

I intend to create the image in photoshop and use that as a tracing image to duplicate the site in DW, but have a few questions to ask.

Firstly, when saving the graphics as jpg, Photoshop lets me adjust the quality of the image - I was wondering what I should set that at for using quick to load web graphics without any loss of colour?
Also, Please could you take a look at a .psd design I have created (it is zipped here - http://www.geocities.com/murphyz_mike/plane.zip ) and let me know if there is something in there that could be done more efficiently, such as the fact I am new to layers - is there any way to combine 2 layers when I have finished work on them until eventually I end up with the whole thing on one layer?

Also, what do you think of my first design?

Thanks in advance for pointers and advice.

firstly Welcome aboard :perfect:

I had a look at your site and it looks good and loads fast - great

now your zip file I looked at that too - the only thing that I could see that you could do is delete layer 4,9,3,13 as there is nothing I could see in them then to make it easier for yourself I would have put the links for the upper corner into their own folder
looks great I think and I don't think you would want to merge all the layers down to one incase you ever wanted to change something right?
anyway I have rezipped my changes so that you can see what I have done
I also looked to see what jpg quality and I chose 60 without loosing anything it is always different as it depends on the image :\
anyway I hope I have helped although I doubt it as you had done everything pretty well right well done :perfect:
yikes didn't look at the file size [doh]
well here is a screen shot of the layers with the set made larger so you can see
Thanks for the advice - I'll take a look at deleting those layers.

When you mention putting links into a folder - do you mean in Photoshop?

One last thing, excuse my ignorance, you mentioned you rezipped the file - how would I access that?


Good day murphyz and welcome to the forum! :)
when I am working in PS with it's layers I always create the sets/folders as I go along (click on the yellow folder at the bottom of the layers pallet) eg: the halloween challenge I am working on for the board has a hat so the layers are in the hat set, shoes are in the shoes set etc
with yours I just clicked new set and draged the layers into the set :D


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Welcome to the board murphyz. BTW love that web site of yours the camel in the glove compartment was great!
Way cool avatar murphyz :perfect: