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I did a google search but really didn't find what I was looking for. Does anyone have any URLs to frrely-distributable patterns and textrures for PS. (BTW I was hunting for a red brick pattern to make a wall.) Thanks


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Stroker, I very much appreciate the url. I found my texture in less than 30 seconds and a site I'll be visiting a lot from now on.

Now a little help from the masters. What I am trying to acheive is an image of a brick wall on a corner of a street. I need a bend or corner on one side.
This is my first attempt first without lighting and then with. Could someone give me some suggestions to fine tune this. I have been playing with Transfom>scale/skew/distort/perspective to do this. Thanks.


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The second image

This is with lighting.
Hey Silvrwolf... that looks darn good! :perfect: You might want to try shadowing the wall somewhat on the left side to add some depth to your perspective. Otherwise, it looks great! :D
P.S. Stroker, thanks for that link! A valuable one, for sure! :D
Aaa good stuff G, ya beat me to that link. I was just there a short while ago and it's a great resource. That guy's got a LOT of patience for building 3D quality textures.

A brief word about creating the corner effect of the brick wall...

You have to try and maintain the size proportions of the bricks at the corner, from each brick image. And the best way to do that is to simply flip the original wall horizontally, then move the dupe wall over until the edge aligns with the original. Then you can use the "Transform/Perspective" tool on the outer end of the 2nd wall to make it appear to vanish in the distance. This should leave the bricks that are aligned at the corner unscaled, so they'll remain aligned and sized to match the front wall bricks.

Great lighting job though Rick. :perfect:


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latest attempt

Tried flipping the image and using only transform>Perspective then cropped accordingly.
Looking good Silvrwolf! :perfect:
Merci beaucoup, aussi, sPECtre :perfect: . Some nice textures high-quality textures there!
Ooooooh... I've just been having a "looksee" and there's more than 'textures' there. Great images of 'objets' aussi! ;)