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Specific Remove branches in background

you can delete my post if you want, seems unnecessary now XD
No. It's perfectly fine to point out obvious mistakes! I appreciate your input! I usually pay closer attention to those details and I should have noticed it myself!!!
OK, a situation arose where @kabak made a edit using my first edit (which is fine!) adding a leg to the Yellow Warbler. He politely and respectfully asked if he could post his edit. I wasn't sure that @CherylsBirds wanted to add a leg since the original image did not contain a leg. I contacted her and she stated that she actually preferred the added leg! I added a leg of my own and posted it above!

Since @kabak 's edit was using my first edit which was missing the wing feathers (Thanks again to @Argos), I invite @kabak to issue a new edit adding a leg to my corrected edit if he wishes since this was his idea to begin with! Props!!
Screen Shot 2024-05-22 at 11.15.49 AM.png