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So can someone please fix this so the lines where your hands go aren't blurry and the ball shape is even and not have red parts? Please and thanks a ton!
Simply turning it into a gray scale image and then thresholding it will get rid of the colored and soft edges (see attached image), but unfortunately, it still leaves the lines all lumpy and bumpy. IMHO, the only real way to fix this is with the pen tool.

That being said, there is no reason for you to completely re-draw everything. You can simply use the pen tool / paths to fix the most obvious of the bumps and lumps (eg, on the overall outline) and leave the interior, with its less obvious flaws, unchanged.


Tom M

PS - There is a nice discussion of a very similar problem here.


Figure Caption: Desaturating and thresholding is probably the fastest way to completely fix the color fringing and soft edges, but doesn't do anything to improve the lumpiness of the poorly drawn lines.


Using paths, one can get a much better outline (see attached).

BTW, for this demo, to save time, I didn't actually use the pen tool to generate a path for the outline of the football. Instead, I took my previous version, converted the B&W artwork to a selection (control-clicked on the RGB version in the "channels" palette), then automatically converted the selection to a smoothed path using a tolerance of 1.5 pixels (pull down menu in upper RH corner of the paths palette).

The bottom half of the outline looked better than the top half, so I selected just the bottom half, flipped it and re-joined them to get a reasonably decent football-like shape.

As the final step, because, IMHO, the upper lettering was a bit too close to the football, I moved it up a bit.

Because this was just a little quick and dirty demo, not a paid job, I made no attempt to make the final result perfect, but hopefully, it demonstrates how these sorts of fixes can be done fairly quickly.


Tom M

PS - Obviously, this isn't the only way, and certainly isn't the best way to improve the outline of the football -- but it's fast. A better approach that I could have taken would have been to make an appropriate, infinitesimally thin, single path, and then stroke it with black to get a thick border of constant thickness.


As has been said, you need to ideally use Illustrator for perfect lines although you can do it in Photoshop as well. I used the Pen tool to create the shape based loosely on an oval ball then created the inner lines with the pen tool using the guidelines to make sure it was relatively level. I also added a slight curve to what would be the white rings on the ball. You can put straight one's in if you want. It's been said a million times on this forum and no doubt will be said another million times, try and get used to using the Pen Tool. Tricky to start with but a life saver once you get you head around it.

Not Brilliant but you get the idea:


View attachment football.psd

Learn to use that pen tool though, very important tool to learn especially for something like this.