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Save to PDF X1-a in Action

Hello all. I'm working on a complex Action that prepares an image for t-shirt printing.

The final steps in the Action are creating a Spot Alpha Channel with a specific name that the printer uses to print White toner.

The Action needs to save the image file as a PDF X-1a in order to retain that named spot color/channel, so I have a "Save as" step near the end, and then a Close step.

I want the whole Action to work without any user interaction, including the Save to PDF X1-a. It works perfectly for me (on a MacBook, using the most current version of Photoshop) but when I test on a PC (also with a current version of Photoshop), that Save step stops short (without saving) at the Save As menu and doesn't change the PDF standard to X1-a.

The audience for this Action are pretty non-technical, so I'm trying to avoid having them select the PDF X-1a setting. Many of them will likely miss it.

Is there any way to make the automation in this step work? Is it possibly a PC issue causing the step to stop? Any help would be greatly appreciated.