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Specific Summer Request!

I'm a first-time poster, but I've been irritated by this picture for a while. Is there any way you could add a bright nail color to my nails, something light, bright, and summer-y? Additionally, do you think you could even out my facial skin a bit, but keep it very natural? Thank you so much! Let me know if I'm missing anything!

Hello! This looks amazing! Do you think you could maybe do like a softer orange color? Like this? But the skin looks so great

I made a try as well, painted nails it's a challenge that I can't completely figure it out. I made a lot of experimentation light, texture, contrast etc... its always something wrong....

My attempt

IMG_9280 v3f.jpg

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Argos and JJLAPIN inspired me to go back and redo the fingernails. I also lightened the face a bit and warmed the image. This is my final submission.


IMG_9280 v4.jpg


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this took ten seconds to do.jpg
I just took Rich's work, overlayed it onto Argos's work, and reduced opacity to 50% to get a sort of "in-between" look. It took about ten seconds. I think it turned out quite nicely though.
Wow!! These all look so amazing, I'm so grateful!! It seems really difficult, and im so happy you guys took stabs at it, they all look amazing! I appreciate the time you took!! I love this picture even more now! Thanks again,