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"Tactile" texture of Silk.


New Member
I'm a guy who likes doing model textures as a hobby along with my usual drawing stuff, and I've kind of hit a brick wall.

I can't seem to find any images of the tactile or visual feel of silk. All I find are a bunch of images with strong shadows and highlights, which is exactly what I do not want. I want the actual weave and such.

Anyone have any textures like that or know where I could find them? I've already tried Googling...
hmm, the best bet would be to make your own with a gradient(or not) the add noise filter and richard rosenman's scanlines filter to get the fine fabric detail, i'll try a few techniques out and post back if i've got something silk ish.

I'll make the end result seamless for you too I know how annoying it is to find the perfect looking texture... and it's not seamless -_-