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I have been using various incarnations of Photoshop for very many years but now that I am in my 91st year I find reading some of the text difficult.
My current version is CS6 because I live in the country where the internet connection can be somewhat unreliable.
My question is, how can I make the text in the menu strip and in the various windows larger. I do not want to change the screen resolution because all my other programmes have sensible text size.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello and welcome to PSG.
Kudos to you for your perseverance to use PS!

And now...
Go to edit/preferences/interface and change the UI (user interface) font size to large.
Click ok and restart PS.
The text 'should' appear bigger now.
I said should, because I'm using CC2018 and honestly I do not see any difference when changing this setting...

But it does make a difference on a 100 ppi resolution monitor, but if you have a 200 ppi HiDpi display, I don't think you'll see a difference.

Remember, we're talking about Adobe and logic doesn't apply...

Some sources are talking about:
'The font size option is tied to your system's DPI setting. If you already use more than 96dpi, selecting the option in PS will do nothing since the font as it is provided by the operating system already is "large". '

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Thank you that was very helpful and I tried it and a few other ideas that I had. Unfortunately nothing seems to work so I will soldier on as is.
Regards, Ron.
Here's one thing you can try. This only works for Font previews, not for the general text size of menus, etc., but at least it's something.

Go to Edit>Preferences>Type and in the drop-down box for Font Preview size you will hopefully find a setting called Huge. I discovered this about a year ago and it's been a great help selecting fonts with my rapidly aging eyes.

Hi Ron
Common issue for many of us and not only for Photoshop.
I use Macs yet Windows also has Accessibility options to allow Zooming (and many other features) to make life easier for small features, text etc. If you want more specific inputs from forum members I suggest you provide which system you are using to get more targeted recommendations.
Hope this helps
John Wheeler