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The Zebra

It had been a while between The Avatar drawing and my most recent ones, so I think I may have lost it a bit, not to mention that this was done on my track pad with my finger. The wire for the little bamboo and grown legs and buggered off, and anyone with a Wacom will know that the gap for a mini USB wire on a Wacom is a tad smaller and more narrow than normal USB wires, so took me a while to find one that did fit.

However accomplished I am happy with the first of my recent drawings :cheesygrin:

Absolutely stunning - lovely job. Thanks for posting!




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Excellent work! The shading is very well done, good job. Thanks for sharing.
for me (its a taste thing) i like it when a digital painting is a real as it gets , but you can still see that its digital when you look longer / closer

this is as good as it gets ... i like this way more than the tiger that you posted

realy amzing job