1. T

    Wacom, or something else ?

    Good evening, I am a Mac user as well as, obviously, Photoshop, I would like to get a Wacom or an alternative. This is mainly for ease of use as I find using the mouse all the time a bit tiresome and want to try something different. Does anyone have any recommendations ? Thanks in advance, Chris.
  2. C

    The Zebra

    It had been a while between The Avatar drawing and my most recent ones, so I think I may have lost it a bit, not to mention that this was done on my track pad with my finger. The wire for the little bamboo and grown legs and buggered off, and anyone with a Wacom will know that the gap for a mini...
  3. C


    Hi all, I have been fascinated with drawing ever since I was a kid, drawing anything I could possibly see, this has stuck with me all through my life, and I am prone to just sitting at my desk with The Batman Begins Score playing on repeat and get lost in a sketch. When I decided to do...
  4. Rufkraft

    Wacom Lag is driving me crazy!!!

    Greetings to All! I have been experiencing a absolute horrible brush lag using my Wacom Intuos in Photoshop with my home computer. I have a feeling it may be my desktop (as the problem is not as prevalent at work-although others are) but wanted to throw my problem out there. Basically it is a...
  5. T

    Wacom tablet eraser tool question

    I just purchased a Wacom pro tablet awhile back and just noticed something. When for instance I use the eraser tool, even with the hardness setting to 100%, I still have to overlap an edge of something i'm trying to erase to get it to get it to the edge. With the mouse, the hardness settings...
  6. M

    wacom intuos 5 wireless

    hi I have decided to use my Wacom tablet more I have watched a lot of videos on how to set up the express keys, the problem is when I go back into ps cc the keys that I have saved do different actions? when I select for a new layer it starts the pen selection tool? could this a Photoshop...
  7. P

    Is it my Wacom tablet or PS?

    I wasn't sure where else to post this, so if I chose wrong, feel free to move:-) I am now using PS CC...have been for a year. Have been using PS since before V4 I guess. I also have a Wacom Intuos 2 tablet. The smallest size. They say it's the 4 x 5 size but I set it up to use the entire...
  8. B

    Wacom issue

    Anyone else get this with their Wacom tablet?
  9. moonstone

    Im needed your help to choose the right Graphic Tablet

    Hello everyone, I am going to buy CTL471 ONE BY WACOM small tablet for PS retouching. For the time being I can afford the small one. Can you please guide me whether this is the right one for me? Thank you!
  10. K

    Graphics Tablets Problem

    i recently brought a graphics tablet, a Wacom Connect. i installed it properly followed the instructions and did everything as it said, i set it up so the entire work space is uses the entirety of my screen, this works on my desktop and every other program except Photoshop and Art rage where...
  11. hawkeye

    Wacom Inkling

    Inkling | Wacom Americas Just not seeing the real use for this new product, or am I missing something? Couldn't I just sketch something on paper then scan into Photoshop? How about when you make a mistake and need to erase something?
  12. Paul

    Wacom Pen

    Ok i now have my tablet and pen, very good so far. A nice feel to the pressure and touch of the tip to pad, just getting used to hand eye coordination in relation to pen on tablet and eyes on pointer or cross hair when applying things, i have noticed already that the feel for the image...
  13. C

    hello from NC

    I was literally surfing the net, trying to set up an older Wacom Intuos 3 tablet to use on my laptop, when I discovered this site. It looks amazing. I am a portrait photographer who prefers to take nature and travel scenes, too...and don't know what I'm going to be when I grow up, since I just...
  14. Digiteyez

    Custom settings download for wacom intuos 4

    Hi Guys, I am new to the forum, I am a studio photographer from Albany in New Zealand. I have not yet explored the forum - this is my intro message! I am looking for presets that you can download to use in photoshop or lightroom as used by some people like Scott Kelby. They exist - I have seen...
  15. J

    Photoshop - Wacom Tablet - Help

    My problem is when I make strokes with the pen on my Wacom tablet, the line looks like this. This is one smooth stroke, i didn't lift my pen once. When i know it shouldn't look like this. I'm running: HP Pavilion p6214 AMD Athlon II x4 620 Quad-Core Processor nVidia GeForce 9100 Integrated...