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3D Throne Room 3D

Very impressive work!! but as you say you wanted it as realistic as possible i say what i think is not perfect.

1. the light reflected in the lamb or the shadow in the wall one of them is too strong,

2. The columns have the same damage.

3. The shadows on the flags dont match with the candles and chair (of course withouth seeing where (and how many) lights come from i cant say is a mistake)

4 I dont think the chair reflect in the floor like that with the carpet. (not and expert, maybe i'm wrong XD)

At the moment is all i can see , as i said great work.

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You're right about one point only, #2, the columns. There I used the same texture and maybe I should have reversed it at least one time.
For the rest, if your objects are perfectly aligned on the 'ground plane' in 3D, PS 3D does it work.
I didn't 'create' light nor shadows nor reflections, PS 3D did that for me.
Another excellent 3D image. Very well done Eggy!
3D compositing can't be more realistic than your work. But one can always find a hair in the soup.

Maybe the carpet is hovering slightly over the floor?
Mmm but ps takes in consideration the carpet? maybe i'm wrong but i dont see how is posible that reflection of the chair in the floor.

And the strong light the lamb is getting, in my eyes is too big to be the same as the down part of the wall.

But maybe is me :biglaff:
Thank you Chris.

Indeed the carpet seems to hover over the floor. That was the only part I use 'postcart' for. Usely I prefer 'extrusion' and use an extrusion of 2 or 3 pixels so when rotating the view I still have some edges to look at.
But also the candlesticks are hovering over the floor.
I don't have to tell you that the result before and after rendering is somewhat different.
Normally I do a render on a small selection to see if it looks OK but in those cases I forgot.
With that amount of 3D objects PS became slow to react and at moments I had to save the project and restart the PC.


The two RED lines are the same length.
Google 'reflections' and see for yourself.

In PS 3D I set the direction of the light, PS 3D calculates the lighting and shadows, not me. Its not likely that Adobe Photoshop (since...) makes that kind of mistakes.

Are you working with PS 3D? You should have a go at it.
No, i never did anything in 3D that's why i say" i think" or "maybe i'm wrong" so much in my coments :cheesygrin:. Not really my thing, at least for now, i'm more into photography and photoshop, but love seeing what you guys can do.
Thx for the detailed explanation, that's why i like this forum so much :thumbsup:.

Relay nice, playing around with 3d as well, but not in Photoshop as i find it quire restricted and harder work than in other 3d apps, I find Daz 3d, blender, and Vue easier than Photoshop.

The only thing for me on a personal point of view is the shadows are too harsh, I would probably soften them more and make them a bit brighter.
Thanks for the observations.
The issue with PS is wanting to soften more the shadows and ending up with some speckles and noise.
PS 3D has his limitations, I agree, but I started with it only in december 2015 so I'll fail just enough times to start with a real 3D program.