1. Pipsmom

    Making progress

    After all this time I'm finally improving...Right proud of this even if it was a low quality jpeg After Before 2 days ago
  2. Eggy

    3D Blender Tuner/Taperecorder - WIP

    Still a WIP, having some issues with subdivisor and bevel modifier...:banghead: I will correct that but this is a two days work, so for now...enough...
  3. L

    Vehicle art: VW Bus

    I will have to load some non-car at some point. It's just this is where my cheese is these days. Here's the render vid Fun one. -lem
  4. W

    How to add watercolor like this? [Please help]

    Hi Everyone, I was searching for this watercolor for 2 days over internet.Please help me to get this watercolor.
  5. N

    (NEED HELP) abstract acryl/oil painting effect

    Hello :) I'm going crazy with this one. I just can't figure out how this works :banghead: I've tried with different brushes, but I don't know how to get this fluid effect with those vibrant colours. I've been trying to figure it out for days now with no luck. I'd be thankful for ANY tips...
  6. gedstar

    Free up Windows 10 Disk Space with Compact OS

    This is not PS related but just thought I'd post it for anybody running out of C Drive space on a Windows 10 PC I ran the command on a test machine and was able to claw back 2GB of C Drive space, not a lot considering the price and size of SSD's and Hard Drives these day's but hey every little...
  7. gedstar

    Adobe Reduces Length of CC Free Trials from 30 to 7 Days

    Don't think this will go down to well
  8. Eggy

    Challenge #37, When Time Passes By

    "When Time Passes By" Use this picture to depict how this village street could look in 25+ years.(For worse or better) The contest will run until Saturday, May 14 at midnight, after which voting will take place for seven days. Please attach your entries to the SUBMISSION THREAD (link...
  9. Eggy

    3D Throne Room 3D

    For this one I used PS 3D (floor, walls, ceiling) and *.3DS objects from I tried to make this as realistic as possible. The original is 5000 X 3000 X 150 px. It took me two days to complete and correct (but I already saw some flaws - see if anyone can find...
  10. gedstar

    Deal of the Week: All-Inclusive Photography Bundle (93% off)

    Just found this Alas the offer is ending in 2 days
  11. dv8_fx

    BASIC CHALLENGE #1 - Create a Mini Planet

    WELCOME TO OUR VERY FIRST PHOTOSHOP BASIC CHALLENGE!!! To start the ball rolling.... The solar system was never the same ever since scientists kicked out it's smallest member - Pluto. But don't fret as all is not lost because this challenge requires you to..... CREATE A MINI PLANET IN...
  12. dv8_fx

    PSGURUS' Photoshop CHALLENGE Guidelines

    Welcome to the forum's Photoshop Contest Area. Our activities here are meant to be fun so we want everyone among you to take part in the creative competitions. The following are the guidelines for our Monthly Member Challenges: CHALLENGE 1. There will be 1 challenge per month. 2...
  13. Paul

    Little Island just off the coast

    Spent a few days over at Rottnest, great place.
  14. IamSam

    Propososed changes to challenges.

    Here are the proposed changes to the challenges. Please post your comments pro or con on the changes or any suggestions you might have. Our hope is that you, the members, may see issues that we don't. 1. One entry per member. Do your best work on one image. 2. Entries are hidden until the...
  15. B

    Hi, i'm ban, moving to PS!

    Hey, i'm ban, 19i've been using another program since a little bit, and i've had tons of fun making images for people from my gaming community. They've been requesting my stuff alot but I don't think i'm good enough to make quality images, so I decided to start using photoshop :) Heres what I...
  16. chrisdesign

    Dream Holiday on the Seychelles

    Some of you knew about me that I was on vacation. They had asked me to show some pictures. But sometimes you just do not have enough time for all the tasks that you should do. But here are some impressions of these unforgettable days.
  17. J

    Happy valentines day

    :) valentines day 10 days reamings
  18. F

    Back in town

    I had some busy weeks before my holiday and the days before we took off, I could not reach the forum. So we got back home on Saturday and I have been busy again for most of the time. A few days before leaving, my husband told me he had a bad hernia and would not be able to go. In the end he did...
  19. iDad

    Some days it's here, some days it's not

    Very weird does anyone else ever get this? it comes and goes
  20. W

    Help making a prairie/sky or a Park background

    I am very much new to Photoshop or would like to learn as much as possible. If anyone can point me toward a video or detailed instructions, I would truly appreciate it. I only have four or five days to finish the project. Thank you in advance for your help.