Turn your image into beautifull pencil art

1.open portriat and remove background lock in layer.
2.press control + j
3.press control shift + u
4.press control + j
5.press control + i
6.change layer mode to colour dodge.
7.filter/ blur /gasuian blur /radius = 1
8.for darker click
layer menu/new adjustment layer and /levels and move tab left to right. View attachment 21701
Thanks!! Worked for me. I always wanted to experiment with my pictures using this technique. Now, I can manage to get a few more likes on my Facebook pictures :)

This is a great way of showing off my pencil skills to others haha ;)

Thanks for this share!

Here's another way...Bit more complicated lol.

Duplicate Layer you want to turn into a drawing.

Filter > Stylize > Glowing Edges Now use these settings....
Edge Width: 3 Edge Brightness: 5 Smoothness: 8

Now go to

Image > Adjustments > Invert and then Image > Adjustments Desaturate.

Now clean up the image, go to...

Levels and change the input levels slider values.

Change Shadows to 20 and Highlights to 237. Now change the blend mode of that layer to Multiply.
A suggestion: Techniques like these all magnify any artifacts in the image that are present, for example the line-like / blocky jpg artifacts in the original image posted by MikeMc. OTOH, these techniques also rely on fine structure in the image to generate the pencil look, so you don't want to have a totally clean image.

What I do is to first clean the image of any regular, annoying artifacts like JPG blocks, then intentionally add back in some random noise to give a nicer final look. I'll see if I can find one of my images where I have done this, and post it later tonight.

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Aunty Bee, yours works better for me. However, I do not have an option for Glowing Edges and those settings, CS6 just says Find Edges with no options, am I missing something?


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Not in my list. I have 8 options and after Find Edges I have Solarize. No idea why at this point.

Edit: Ahhhh they removed it in CS6. You have to go to the Gallery under Stylize
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Well, that beats all. Even if you happened to be in 16 bits per channel mode, you still see both menu items, just one is grayed out.

Got me.



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It works fine from the Filter Gallery. I added one more step and used HDR Toning and slide the detail slider all the way to the right.