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Where is the best place to share your photos?


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Check out DigitalGrin at https://dgrin.com/ It's not a place to upload a lot of photos, but
it is a place to show good photographs that fit a theme of one of the forums. Free, of course.

As in any other forum, lurk first. See what the regulars are doing before you jump in.


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They are very hard to find.. I've struggled with that myself. Even Adobe is limited in a way, because their boards appear to be exclusive to technical issues and tutorials. There's Behance, but, that's more for art display, and there isn't really a community in terms of creating conversation. I've been on many photography web forums but many people on them are just too rude for my tastes. I've also tried Google forums, but it's just a lot of spam. Tried flicker, many of those boards have died. Tried yahoo groups, but most of them have died too; and the little that are active, are mostly Paint Shop groups that only share tubs. So, you're guess is as good as mine...