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happy birthday
I had such a busy day my birthday was over before I even realised it...
Hi admin, I am having trouble modifying my profile. When I go to hit Save it says " Oops We ran into some problems" and below that it says "Please enter a valid name. Any suggestions? Thanks
Thanks for the report. What are you trying to change when this happens?
1. My Location 2. About 3.Birth Year I had all of that after the upgrade then it disappeared. Thanks
Hi mate,
Couple of days ago, i got an e-mail from the forum said you did a photoshop work for my picture. But when i entered the website it was deleted. I didnt see the picture. Do you still have it??
Hi Tom!
I have a picture with tiny blurry text and I was curious if you could help make it readable. I have played with it on photoshop but I am completely new to photoshop.
Your help would be so appreciated!!
Thanks for the consideration.

Bob Just wanted to say thank you

I don't use photo shop on the computer , however I do use the basic photoshop touch for the tablet which is very basic

May I ask was it hard work for you to edit the image ?
I've gone through ur project requirements & understood that u want the job done by creating a banner for ur youtube channel that will go on a FB and YOUTUBE page. I am available to do it for for $30.
Hi Jerry I have just seen the great job you done on that guys grandma's photoshop request.

Just wondering if you could help with a photo of mine?

If so would would it be best to make a thread or send via email?

Thanks Craig
Glad to see you back.... i wonder what had happen to you.... I was always thankful for your input and advise, Glad to see you back friend.
hey man my name is nick and i am a dj i join the forum so i can find a guuy that can help me for my logo i see that you are really good so i ask for your help i am not going to give a lot of money what if you contnact me so we can speak
Hi there, long time no see!
Glad you're back.
Nothing serious I hope