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    Worst passwords 2011

    LOL Paul. I Just know someone who uses the first name on your, list as his PC main account. I keep telling him to change it but he just keeps refusing it. LOL
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    Well (Y)

    Great job Vetoed Keep it up.
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    Merry Christmas!

    Very impressive piece Cindy Grundsten as usual. Merry Christmas and happy holidays.
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    Dreamers, introducing himself

    Hi Dreamers Welcome aboard, make yourself at home and happy photoshoping
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    Hola to everyone!

    Hola panacuba, bienvenido. Welcome to PhotoShop gurus.
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    Hello there!

    Hi gavil Welcome to PhotoShop Gurus. Glad to have you aboard, enjoy your stay.
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    Hi Potatoes Welcome to PhotoShop Gurus. Enjoy your stay.
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    Apple MAC Text Tutorial

    Nice Job Pepperbel Please Keep it up.
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    Mr Parsons

    Great Job Paul. I really like your cartoonish style Keep it up.
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    Hi Jarbin Welcome to PSG. Welcome aboard, we always learn something new everyday, i hope you also learn some tips and tricks from our PS community Enjoy your stay.
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    Hi wildlfl0wer Welcome to PhotoShop Gurus Enjoy your stay.
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    Hi adrianna Welcome to PhotoShop Gurus Enjoy your stay.
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    Soup'd up

    Great job Paul I really like that fx, it looks pretty cool. Keep it up.
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    Hi Hillsman Welcome to PhotoShop Gurus.
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    Amatuerish hello!

    Hi losman Welcome to PhotoShop gurus. Enjoy your stay.