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    Specific my grandmother as "the thinker"

    Hello everybody again, since the last time worked so well I wanted to ask you one more time to make a passed-away family member a thinker, so she fits in my foto-gallery on my wall. :) Hopefully i am not to lazy and it is allowed to link this recent post. But i am asking for exactly the same...
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    Specific my grandfather as "the thinker"

    Wow that is amazing! XD Thank you everybody for such a great work! :P I am sure it will look great! I hope you don't mind if I ask for this again pretty soon, since you did such a great job, maybe i could also add a few more passed away family-members :P Once again: THANK YOU!!! :)
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    Specific my grandfather as "the thinker"

    good evening everybody, awsome that a forum like this exists. already a HUGE thank you in advance for everybody who is willing to help me :) 2 things in advance: english isn't my first language. so please feel free to correct or teach me. I am happy to learn :) Secound: If this is allowed...