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  • Welcome, the site is not mine but it's pretty cool, I agree

    oh you mean idadgraphics.com site....right?.mybad. thanks
    "Why do I have a feeling there's a spammer in the house? Freeshit? No offense on the name but no kidding on this one.... check out his profile. hehehehe "

    What are you talking about?
    No problem. Tapi, I don't speak Malay well. In fact my daughter translated this for me. And I'm using igoogle translate.

    Menikmati masa tinggal anda. Sebanyak yang anda boleh Belajar.

    Hi , Sihat. Tak sangka ada juga orang Malaysia dalam forum.

    Harap awak boleh beri tunjuk ajar tentang adobe photoshop. =)
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