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Recent content by fenix

  1. fenix


    Well, it sure wasn´t meant in that way and franhkly I can´t even understand how anyone could come up with such idea. But hey, its your brain not mine.
  2. fenix

    Eye experts - I need your help!

    at least the eyes turned out ok.
  3. fenix

    falling in lava

    Try play a little with motion blur
  4. fenix

    First BW Efforts

    It´s weird but even a pretty bad or uninteresting photo often turns-out good after being transformed in to BW. I always had a soft spot for it but very seldom actually do... can´t understand why really.
  5. fenix


    Clean & Tasty!
  6. fenix

    Image with white around edges.

    Blow it up, apply a new layer and use the clone tool
  7. fenix


    yup, that´s what happens when having too much coffee
  8. fenix

    Photoshop Challenge week 15

    I try with a ship
  9. fenix

    Image Restoration (2 examples)

    pretty good, especially the second.
  10. fenix


    It must have been something like that happen up in QSL some year ago. Everything drowned in water.
  11. fenix

    New, from North Louisiana

    Hi Shorty & Welcome to PSG!
  12. fenix

    WordPress Theme Contest: Create a Theme - Design a Challenge!

    By other words, the "prize" is to give you 10% if someone decides to buy my own product?:bustagut: Tell me I got that wrong will you
  13. fenix

    What I'm working on today ^_^

    I like the design but I have to agree with LRG regarding the label. It looks a bit too flat.
  14. fenix

    Hi everyone

    Hi Frederick & Welcome to PSG!
  15. fenix

    Lila Sprite

    Nice work Clare!