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    Specific Belgian Carp Fishing

    Hi, Is this any good to you? I can send you it at a large .Png file with a transparent background in Black and white. Chris
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    Specific Could you please single out the boy with glasses?

    Hi, I noticed no one had done this for you I have isolated the boy in the glasses for you, not quite as much definition as I would like but the image isnt the best quality. anyway here you go.
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    Specific Remove napkin and stranger

    Just A quick go. Its been a while since Ive used Photoshop. Chris
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    Turn flower petals into video game cartridges?

    Hi, has this one been done for you? if it hasn't then let me know and I'll crack on with it. chris
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    Tracer fire

    Hi, Use this sort of technique! If you have a play aroung with the blending options I'm sure you'll get the effect you require! chris
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    Background removal work - multiple images, paid per image

    Oh right! cheers for that Hawkeye! much appreciated for letting me know! chris
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    a little hi

    Hi and welcome! Hope you find all the answer's you need! chris
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    Background removal work - multiple images, paid per image

    Oh right? can I ask how they waste your time? cheers for the heads up m8 chris
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    Illustrator How to convert objects and texts in Illustrator

    Right to convert text into apaths on illustrator you Type the text you want then select it using the black cursor, right click it and select Create Paths! thenat it! Not sure what you mean by Object, so you need to expand! is it something you are copying in to illustrator? ie. an image? chris
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    Illustrator Joining 2 shapes

    Just use the Merge button! chris
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    Illustrator Logo formats

    Hi, I have worked on alit of Logo's, The format that you will need so that you can upscale as much as you want is what we call VECTOR format. when you have the logo designed you should request the .ai file (Illustrator file) and a high resolution PNG file, and a high resolution JPEG. But as...
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    Beautiful Things!

    Wow thats excellent!! love everythiing about it! That text is a perfect choice in my opinion! You've got some tallent there! chris