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    Natural Sex [= WARNING: Mature content! =]

    [WARNING: Mature content] I wanted to show the natural and deliberate in the act of intercourse. How it should be, anyway. I've also made a softer version of this one, just with another backgound image, since deviantART wouldn't allow this...
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    Santa's true face...

    In these X-mas times, I thought I would join in on the X-mas spirit.. However, not being a fan of X-mas I accidentically created this: It's a bit like Coulrophobia, made previously by me, just not with all the blood.. So.. what do you think??
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    Something I did for a friend of mine

    It's good.. I would like to know how you make your lines gradually thinner??
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    House! *updated!*

    Which textures? I oughta change the brick wall or what? :S
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    New work by Moth - Sunset

    Very nice! However, I find it a bit too bright, but that's nothing:)
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    House! *updated!*

    Re: House! Yeah.. the perspective was added in the last minute because it looked very strange.. About the roof; I couldn't find anything looking similar to a real roof - in Photoshop, that is.. I didn't know how to make a texture like that.. When I got to bed yesterday, I remembered that I...
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    House! *updated!*

    *UPDATE* Now with shadows and perspective.. I've made a house using Photoshop! I would like to show it to you: It's not technically advanced or realistic, however, I wanted to create something that actually looked like something for once, so this is...
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    Three new ones..

    Here they are.. I described them on DA so I won't do that here.. Moon on a golden night: Forest ending: Chronophobia:
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    Yeah.. I know what you mean.. it's incredibly difficult to illustrate fear.. :S
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    Arithmophobia yeah.. well.. Tried to illustrate fear of numbers.. which is quite hard.. this was the outcome.. What do you think?
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    It'll look VERY strange if I spherize once again.. so.. I'll make another space pic some time.. Taking the tutes into account etc..:)
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    I can't change the blood.. So I'll keep it this way.. However, I like it this way.. :) And I'm not sick..:P And therapy has NOT helped;)
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    I've added more shadows to the ball and clown, however, I haven't been capable of adding more glow to the blood.. any ideas?
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    Okay:D thank you very much.. I'll try that when I get home..:D
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    Hmm.. more contrast..? It's all black and white.. I can't see where to add some more contrast.. You want the blood to shine more, or what? Well, I was just looking for a clown and he was the best I found.. there is no further meaning of choosing him.. hehe.. But thanks for the comment:D