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    Feedback Love the new look of the forum, GJ!

    Worst looking forum ever. Great work.
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    Scripting Text watermark script for CS5 or better.

    Never mind, I figured it out. I am a dummy.
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    Scripting Text watermark script for CS5 or better.

    How do I change what the script says?
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    Challenge 7 - " Parental Love and affection "

    No chopping done with this one. It's perfect as it is.
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    Two New Facebook Covers

    Here is my latest facebook cover:
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    Can anyone photoshop this for me?

    I like the original colors.
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    Photo Manipulation - Before and After

    If you are going for the Comic book look, well done.
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    Dick Does...

    It is a good starter kit. Go for it!
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    Extensive Photo Restoration

    Very nice work!
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    My New logo

    I like it but the first thing that popped in my head was Eye of Ra.
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    What Screen Resolution Do You Use?

    1440x900 on a 15" MacBook Pro
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    I challenge you...

    Damn Gophers!
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    Make My Album Cover In Photoshop

    Go with what you got. It will work.
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    Do you guys like Minecraft?

    Meh......And Meh.
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    The Mysterious Island

    Nice work.