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Recent content by SepiaPhotographi

  1. SepiaPhotographi

    Abstract Art ( Dont have a good name for this)

    Somehow, this piece reminds me of Dr. Who... I like it tho....
  2. SepiaPhotographi

    New Artwork

    I think it's nice! However, I should tell you, at first glance, I percieved the bottom lights to be a bunch of pinguins. Not sure if that was intended.
  3. SepiaPhotographi

    How to blend fish tail?

    I've come to realize that it really depends on the species. Unfortunately, I picked the two hardest subjects to try and blend. Probably if I used a tail where the scales were more pronounced (and had harder edges), I'm sure I would have had an easier time.
  4. SepiaPhotographi

    How to blend fish tail?

    I made a texture out of the tail, and applied it to the skin. I think this is as good as i'm going to get it. I might table this to the side...until I can find a group who are masters of blending, that an help me.
  5. SepiaPhotographi

    How to blend fish tail?

    Those videos where not what I was looking for. They were for more fading than blending. I ended up going back to using a mask, and bushed until faded. I guess this is about "natural" as I can get, since having a tail on top of your head is technically unnatural. I also ended up creating two...
  6. SepiaPhotographi

    How to blend fish tail?

    LOLOLOLOL Yeah, I did use a layer mask to cut the tail out. However, I got a little disengchanted with the fact that I couldn't figure out a way to blend the tail and the head, and make it look "natural." I even tried the layer blends. I got some nice effects, but it didn't give me that...
  7. SepiaPhotographi

    How to blend fish tail?

    Hi guys... Is there a video tutorial that would help me learn the necessary techniques to blend this person's skin with the fish tail? So that it looks more natural? Or is it more work than it's worth? I started using the eraser, with a light opacity, but it just looks like a faded blend.
  8. SepiaPhotographi

    Before and After

    Personally, I think the after looks over exposed. I would bring it down a couple of notches. Back from that, its perfect!!
  9. SepiaPhotographi

    Sharing PS Pattern

    Download from my google drive here
  10. SepiaPhotographi

    Sharing PS Pattern

    Download from my google drive here
  11. SepiaPhotographi

    any other way to fix jagged?

    I slightly disagree Eggy. It really depends on the situation. Some types of paper used in magazines makes scanning difficult. Regardless of what ppi you have. These kinds of situations makes images very difficult to fix, not saying it's impossible, but it is a pain in the butt sometimes.
  12. SepiaPhotographi

    Unnatural color on my images in Photoshop CS6

    Hi, Joej, I do not see the problem you're describing. Did you try viewing these images on your Smartphone, or iPad? If you do not see the same issue on your mobile devices. I would try to recalibrate your monitor.
  13. SepiaPhotographi

    Hello to you all, nice to meet you ;)

    Dude!! This is amazing!! This is VERY artistic in my eyes.. You've done an amazing job!
  14. SepiaPhotographi

    Help with skin coloring in snow

    I have a question.. Was this "in camera," or is this actually a composite? I'm guessing from the hair edges that this is a composite. From experience, for something like this, it is better to have backgrounds that are not too blurry such as this one. You want your elements to be as close to each...