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    Water Ripples

    I did in a heartbeat haha!
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    A Visit with The Larmands...

    What a fantastic album and you are a very good story teller. I hope that you and your wife create scrapbooks like that much more fun to look at than a plain ol photo album!
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    WHere should I look tobuy PS CS Full version?

    I wish that I could afford the upgrade myself, but then again I am happy with 7.01. Soon enough I will have no choice for in my line of work I can't always be writing about outdated software. I am a Corel Draw user and am curious as to how Illustrator works, similarities, differences, I know...
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    CS won't install :(

    I refuse to go from 2k to XP, simply because I am so used to 2k. My kids have XPHome on thier machine, it messes up a lot but I like the skins (let me see I was the one who bought the cute little red sports car without paying attention to the inner working with which it broke shortly past...
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    pop-up menu ?

    Do you mean the sort of dhtml menus? Not sure what you mean, please clarify for more help.
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    VMA Text

    Try here:
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    Best way to make a curved line

    Open the Paths window. Add a new layer to the image. Add a new path to the paths palette. Draw an ellipse with the ellipse shape tool. Delete 1 or 2 points. Choose the Direct selection tool and click at the end of the line, shape it as you will , shape the other end (click and drag the point...
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    glassy/watery surface reflection

    Try making a displacement map from the part of the water where the reflection will be. make sure to flip it before you save the displacment map, then create the text on a same sized file and load the displacement map?
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    mystical lighting

    I have Mystical Lighting. basically, and I have only really played with it for review purposes, there seems to be a sort of masking function within the interface. There are a lot of neat special effects but none that cannot be rendered in Photoshop alone, of course that's basically true with...
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    Dont be shy now, what ages are we all :)

    43 last I checked and female last I checked.
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    how was this done? (face on dog)

    I would thing there was a deformation map involved with the dogs head as well.
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    Old Book

    Very simply duplicate the paper layer about 3 times adding a small drop shadow to each, bump up 3 to 5 pixels and deform inward about 2 pixels per page. Use Liquify to sort of distort at least the 1st page dodge and burn the distortions so that you get a sort of realistic looking wave. You also...
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    spyware in Photoshop CS???

    Hi, I found that file with an exe extension. I think the main problem I have with spyware other than the obvious is the system drain. These companies do have some leg to stand on in terms of protecting their software from piracy, Auto FX, for example, phones home inevitably and if there are 2...
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    Mountain Plug In?

    I have not heard of one, there is a freebie terrain generator out there called...terragen.