1. R

    I've lost a great tool

    Last year I stumbled across a helpful tool that I can't find after not photoshopping for a while. It allowed me to adjust values of areas based on the area's value. For example you could adjust only the highlights or just greens. It was accessible with a keyboard shortcut and provided quick...
  2. S

    Anyone can help me photoshop my picture please

    There are 2pictures i need you guys to help. For the picture that i am standing straight, can you help me to reduce the big gap between my pants and my black shirt ? and can you adjust my left knees facing to the left?(it was facing to the right), and please help me to adjust my right leg shape...
  3. R

    Resize tabs in photoshop

    Hey guys, I would like to resize the tabs in photoshop. Is this possible, and yes, how do i adjust them? (see red arrow in the image below) Thnx
  4. meggsoption

    Help! How to adjust animated gif to slower than 5 fps for google requirements?

    Hello! I have been teaching myself animated gifs to get more design work. I have one ad that didn't upload to google because it says it needs to be slower than 5 fps. I'm not seeing where to adjust this. Here's the ad... Please help! :)
  5. B

    Adjusting a layer mask

    Hello all, Probably a rookie question here. I have a texture layer and I'm using Select > Color Range to make selections of it. I have the selection complete. I would like to adjust a layer mask on a different layer using that selection. How is this done? Thank you.
  6. F

    How to propely adjust these two overlay?

    Hello everyone, I downloaded a mockup of wine bottle. The only problem is that the bottle is too tall. So i decided to shrink it. But my overlay is now ugly: I tried to fox it with clone stamp and blur but it worst. How would you do to adjust this?
  7. pslane

    Illustrator move arrows

    I just cranked up my old copy of Illustrator and started brushing up. When I click the arrow key to move, it moves too far. How can I adjust this? Thanks, pslane
  8. F

    T-Shirt Automate Mockup Action Script

    Hello... i have two images, one is graphic image and other t-shirt, i do have many graphic images and i want to mockup all these graphics on a tshirt. Following are my steps: 1. open both files(graphic and tshirt) 2. adjust the graphic on tshirt(transform and adjust x-y axis of graphic...
  9. E

    can you invert a mask in lightroom cc

    i know its a photoshop forum but i dont want to join another forum just yet although im starting to like the initial editing in lightroom , but i found that i cant invert a mask or at least i cant see a way to do it , if i want to adjust a large area id rather select a smaller area i dont want...
  10. MikeMc

    What did I do

    I think that states it well. I don't know what I did, but now when I open any image in CS5 I can't keep it in "icon" view...shows me details... Yep I know about the box (circled) and it will adjust to the "large icon "view...but won't stay that way.... In windows (7) I can click on the same...
  11. B

    Photoshop cs5, ACR 5.1, Auto adjustements ???

    Hi, according to this "Auto" adjustements, no one is correct, or it is?! So, How to adjust colors, i am, after 5 years, completly confused. Help, please Zoran, Serbia
  12. M

    Help with image

    I am new to photoshop. I've been playing around with Topaz plugins and am trying to re-create the skin effect from this image : Can anyone help lead me into the right direction on what settings/plugins to use? I've been trying for weeks and cannot get it. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  13. E

    How to resize an image and keep the proportions?

    Hello, I know this is very easy, but I am seriously stuck with this one. How do I resize images and keep the standard proportions of my images? Now when I change width or height, my image get stretched. Thanks in advance :)
  14. I

    Editing a headshot...suggestions?

    Hi everyone, I'm lightly touching up a headshot. In the photo, the subject's hair has a piece that is standing apart from the rest. I can try to "erase" it, but that would make her hair look a bit thin on the one side. How can I fill in the space between to look like natural hair? I kind of...
  15. A

    Batch Automation Can I adjust levels and color and create action to automate?

    I have a set of indoor fluorescent-lit pictures that have all different kinds of bluish tints to them. Unfortunately, some have more blue than others while others seem almost perfect. Is it possible to record an action using one picture and then get equal levels and coloring on the others (even...
  16. D

    Adjust contrast using a gradient

    I have a picture of a building that is too bright on one side on the building and too dark on the other. I thought using a gradient contrast curve with multiple points would work, I tried, and have found a method, but the image goes black and white. Any ideas on the most efficent way to do...
  17. V

    Photograph of Painting reassembly $25

    I am looking for someone who can take seven detailed photographs of one painting and perform the follow work on them in order to reassemble them into one image of the original painting: Slightly adjust the size of each detailed photo so that they all match up to each other for reassembling...
  18. amigo

    Video tutorial- Adjust the brush hardness in seconds & more!

    Hey everyone ;) Another tutorial, this time about the brush tool. I believe most of you already know most of the tips about the brush tool, but there is one that is new to me so I thought I'd share it with you guys. It's a great technique for adjusting the hardness of your brush in...