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I've lost a great tool


New Member
Last year I stumbled across a helpful tool that I can't find after not photoshopping for a while. It allowed me to adjust values of areas based on the area's value. For example you could adjust only the highlights or just greens. It was accessible with a keyboard shortcut and provided quick access to a lot of features that are spread out over the program.

Does this sound familiar?

Hello and welcome to PSG.

Was this a native tool or a plug in?
Hi Riverist,

Not a lot of information to go on from your description yet my best guess it is either:

Cmd+U (Ctrl+U for PC) to bring up Hue/Sat adjustments or
Cmd+B (Ctrl +B for PC) to bring up the Color Balance adjustment control

The downside of using either of those is that they work directly on the pixels of one of the Layer you have selected. Another approach that is non-destructive is to use the Hue/Sat adjustment Layer above the pixel Layer of Interest or the Color Balance Adjustment Layer above the pixel Layer you want to adjust. When using and adjustment Layer, you can make as many changes as you want and there is no degradation to the original pixels nor any cumulative errors introduce if you try to adjust the pixels directly multiple times.

Not that you can also create a keyboard shortcut to bring up the adjustment Layer approach if you prefer keyboard shortcut.

Not sure this is for which you were searching yet it was my best guess

Hope it helps

John Wheeler