1. S

    Photo has darken areas

    Hi I have a photo, which has darken areas within the photo. Need to remove the dark areas. I attached the photo herewith for your information. How do I remove the darken areas of the photo? Any suggestion, please? Thanks. Sanil.
  2. R

    I've lost a great tool

    Last year I stumbled across a helpful tool that I can't find after not photoshopping for a while. It allowed me to adjust values of areas based on the area's value. For example you could adjust only the highlights or just greens. It was accessible with a keyboard shortcut and provided quick...
  3. C


    Hi Have been restoring old photos for quite a while now, but just come across this site, looks very good by the trip around I have been doing. Quick question,Ages ago in levels, I made a rectangular selection, adjusted levels in it, then was able to use that to brush in certai areas of the...
  4. H

    number of measurement exceeds 700

    Hi there, I am trying to understand how PS makes it´s area measurements. I have images of pink algal crusts on a black surface and I use colour selection to select them. When I want to use the "make measurement" function I will get the warning that the number of counts exceeds 700. So here is...
  5. E

    Scratched & Damaged Transparency correction

    After some great advice on another topic on here I have learnt how to enhance and alter colours of old 35mm slide transparencies, I have now come across a few that are dmaged or baldy scratched beyond my limited capabilities, Im fairly confident on using basic cloning and brushing of areas, to...
  6. R

    How can I do this effect? total newb question

    Hello, i need a simple request. I am trying to imitate the effect done on the attached picture. The brown rectangle has parts of it missing randomly. As do the words 'shop'. This effect seems rather random since it isn't consistent all around and is more prominent or patchy in certain areas...
  7. hershy314

    Lonely Road

    Whipped this up kinda quick. I'm sure there are areas I need to improve on, just not sure how to do it.
  8. T

    New Member ~ Hello!

    Hello, I am a new member to this forum and a Photoshop user with some experience but not advanced. I am looking forward to learning and sharing. Thanks in advance for your help and shared knowledge. My interest has been in the photography areas but now I'm really interested in the Photoshop...
  9. D

    Need to see if changing the color is possible.

    Hello. I have a project that I have a little problem I have run into. In the image it's a 2 tone car and I need it to be all the same color. I've been trying to change the white areas to match the blue areas, but when I try to use the hue/saturation, it's not matching up. I'm wondering if making...
  10. T

    Can someone please replace the current background of this photo?

    I really need the silly rug texture taken out from behind the hands and replaced with something simple, just a simple white/off-white background if possible, the areas around the arms where the rug overlaps is causing me nightmares. I'd be really grateful, thanks!
  11. J

    Lasso Polygonal - include a subtract in old refine or refine new subtract alone

    Hi all, I have finished using the Polygonal Lasso tool to select an object with ruff edges by zooming to 200% and slowly making my way around the shape, when I finished I did a "Refine" for the selection and it looked fine. Then I subtracted 2 new areas, each of these two areas are separate...
  12. IamSam

    Digital Painting: Hair 101

    Ok, for this first installment we are just going to cover the very basics of how I paint hair. For this tut, I will only use the Brush Tool, no special brushes, and black and white as my pallet. I'm using a Wacom Intuos tablet. My basic brush settings for the hair brush are: Mode: Normal...
  13. C

    Your Ideas for a logo of mine

    I'm moving my company to a new domain as well as expanding into different areas. I dont need help on creating a whole logo itself since I am proficient with Photoshop, I just would like to collaborate on ideas that would spring up to mind when you think of it. My company creates backlit decor...
  14. Tom Mann

    Blizzard Jonas cripples mid-Atlantic states in the USA

    Well, it's over, and we are all fine. The snow finally stopped about 9 PM last night (Saturday). It's now a bit after sunrise on Sunday morning, and we haven't yet ventured outside to start to dig out, but I've received several emails and messages asking how we were, so I thought I would...
  15. M

    Hello everyone

    Great to become a member here. I've been using PS for about 20 years but mostly for portrait photography. Now I want to expand into other areas and thought it would be fun to connect with other photoshoppers here. Thanks for having me. Mark (mjs6789)
  16. N

    liquid color areas

    some time age i've created an action to colorize some areas of the picture by using color range: but how can i achieve such "liquid" areas?
  17. T

    How to EDIT TEXT without editting text background?

    Hi, I am using online based versions of photoshop such as few tools found here: example: I have an image file in jpeg. There are several areas on this image file. Would like to...
  18. R

    fix a blown areas of the sky in a multi-picture image

    Hey guys, First post here. I'm a relative newbie to photoshop but I've been watching video tutorials and such trying to figure out how to fix my image issue. Basically, I took a few photos to create a panorama with photo merge. In the images that I took, I have 2 areas of blown-out sky...
  19. Q

    Skeletons, blurs and bevels...

    1. How to skeletonize an object (to thin a line or shape to 1 pixel width) in Photoshop? This type of operation is very basic for scientific image manipulation (imageJ and such), and I wonder if there is a way to do it in Photoshop. If you are not familiar with the term, here is a link that...
  20. D

    areas to each layer

    Hello. I'm looking for a quick way to make each of the black areas into separate layers (in this case I end up with 10 new layers - each having its black square) Thanks! p.s. I know I can select each area and do ctrl-X and ctrl-V. Or Ctrl-Shift-J (that puts the selection to new layer) I'm...