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  1. P

    Specific Color Edit, Help!

    Hello there! Would it be possible to edit this design so that the red roses are a blue, preferably dark almost navy? I've tried a few times myself but the detail in the flowers keeps getting lost.
  2. P

    Problem with Level Adjustment

    Hi there! Ive got strange problem with Level Adjustment. I wanna change highlights 255 to 254 So after click OK it goes back to 255 Why? It never happend to me this before ive changed 255 to 254 many times and worked but now something goes wrong but i am not sure what? Why i wanted changed...
  3. E

    Adjustment Layer Help

    IM scanning some old 35mm Slides into my PC, and would like to put a little "Modern" touch to them, eg de-saturate the background in this pic, its been a while since I did this sort of thing so if you folks could assist me, I know I have to create an adjustment layer, then desaturate that layer...
  4. M

    Curves To Levels?

    Greetings everyone, I just landed here for the first time. :wave: I just had a quick question on curves. I normally work with levels and someone sent me a file with a curves color adjustment layer in it. I have been struggling with trying to see if I can somehow convert or reverse engineer the...
  5. N

    Fixing tungsten colour casts?

    I am trying to remove a horrible colour cast from a tungsten light on the hair and skin of a bunch of photos but I've tried a bunch of methods and can't seem to get rid of it completely without spending 15 minutes on each photo... I've tried using hue and saturation adjustment and trying to hit...
  6. O

    utterly stuck on hue saturation adjustment layer

    Hello, Been at this while and just can't come up with fix. I am trying to get hue/saturation adjustment slider color to match color I have from color picker (pics attached). The hue number from color picker goes up to 360 while the hue value in adjustment layer slider only goes up to 180...
  7. J

    apply image to a mask + adjustment layers

    Hi, How do I use an editable adjustment layer(levels) on a mask after apply image on it. After applying image to a mask I go to adjustments layers on the top menu. After using let's say levels I can not edit it back. If I choose levels again it's not the same anymore. Is there a way of doing it...
  8. T

    Adjustment Layers or Camera Raw

    Hi everybody, I hope you are keeping well. I have gone through a lot of Photoshop tutorials and amslightly confused when it comes to correcting/adjusting images. The multipletutorials have taken me through adjustment layers such as Brightness/Contrast,Levels, curves which took a little while to...
  9. L

    How to change a color of a shoe/garment into another specific color...

    Hey guys, so I recently ran into this assignment. I have a shoe that has different panels/areas. Let's just say that the tongue is a certain orange color but I want to change the tongue to the specific shade of blue r70 g103 b224. Here is how I did it, and let me know if this is incorrect or if...
  10. W

    How to use a layer mask on multiple layers

    I have an image, to which I have applied several adjustment layers, but there is an area of the image I want to exclude from these layers. I know how to edit the layer mask for each adjustment layer, but is there an easy way to apply the same mask to all the adjustment layers? Using Photoshop...
  11. IamSam

    New X-rite i1Display Pro Monitor calibrator.

    Now that I have my new calibrator, I want to see if it has helped. Since this image was the first to bring to my attention that my monitor needed some help, I thought I would stick with it to maintain consistency. Original This my latest change to the image after my calibration. Curves...
  12. A

    CS6 - Where has my adjustment curves window gone!?

    Hey everyone - long time PS junkie, first time PSG visitor. I apologize for the bombastic questioning at the freshman mixer, and promise to keep the questions in the questioning forum from now on ;) But, while we're here... Upgraded my software, and now a menu seems to have gone awol... I...
  13. R

    Question About the Pen Tool and Creating a Path

    Hope I can state this question clearly. I'm trying to figure out how to assure that the adjustment handles on a particular anchor point exactly form a straight line with each other, rather than having one handle going off at an angle vs. the other handle. In the illustration below, in the...
  14. A

    CS6 Adjustment Brush alignment problem

    My problem with the adjustment brush is that instead of changing an area within the circle of the brush it instead adjusts an area just to lower right of the brush. In fact the actual area of adjustment is almost entirely outside of the brush’s circle except for a small crescent at around the...
  15. P

    What's the pre-composition equivalent in photoshop?

    In after effects you can place things inside compositions then maneuver within these compositions when you need to and change things and it'll reflect in your main composition. What is the photoshop equivalent? Basically what I'm trying to do is apply effects with an adjustment layer and have it...
  16. gedstar

    Alt + Create new Fill or Adjustment Layer Photoshop CC2014 not working

    In Photoshop CS6 I can click on the Alt key and select Create new Fill or Adjustment Layer to create a new adjustment layer with options, but when I try the same in Photoshop CC2014 clicking the Alt doesn't work that way, is there something that I'm doing wrong or maybe there's another...
  17. E

    Greyed out adjustment layers problem

    I've been having a weird issue with adjustment layers. I found mentions online of people with this problem but no real solutions. Some info: Adobe Photoshop Version: 13.0 (13.0 20120315.r.428 2012/03/15:21:00:00) x64 Operating System: Windows NT Version: 6.2 I *was* going to take screenshots...
  18. B

    Camera Raw Adjustment Tool

    I cannot see the concentric rings when using the Adjustment Brush to adjust the brush size in Camera Raw CS5. Is there something that I need to click to see the rings?
  19. A

    Adjustment Layers - Default Blend Mode

    Hi, I'm using CS6 and wondered of there was a way to change the default blend mode of an adjustment layer? For example, if you use the Curves adjustment, as well as increassing contrast it also increase saturation. I like to use the "Luminosity" blend mode so that I get the contrast without...
  20. C

    Adjustment layer to affect more than one layer, but not all?

    I'm familiar with adjustment layers and clipping masks, but am wondering if there's a way to have an adjustment layer affect a group of layers below it, but not all of them. (Usually you have a choice of having it affect either JUST the layer beneath it (through a clipping mask), or ALL of the...