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  1. B

    Specific I need a background removed.

    Good afternoon, everyone. I kindly request your assistance in removing the background from this image of Caravaggio's Medusa, as well as the dripping blood. If possible, please resize it to the highest resolution and in PNG format. Thank you very much in advance!!
  2. G

    True to life wall hanging

    How to place a wall hanging into room image and have the dimensions be true to life? This isn't a request for someone to do this for me, I would love some advice on how to achieve this myself as I am stumped. If I have an image of an empty art gallery in a photoshop document and I need to...
  3. T

    Hello PS Guru Community - Young man from the West full of Q's

    First off I would like to thank the PS Guru community for having such an open and welcoming community. I have been Lurking in the shadows for a few weeks, trying to make use of such an amazing resource. A million questions have been asked and the answers are usually full and complete. The time...
  4. P

    Art in Illustrator (Warped Vortex)

    Check out my illustration video! Love to hear feedback!
  5. Adnan_Mustafa

    I and the forest

    I and the forest
  6. G

    Does anybody know how to create this type of art? PLEASE HELP!!!

    I'm trying to learn how to do this but struggling.. A lot of the images seem to be based on real photos which is what I'm trying to do. I've seen an artist vaguely describe their method which was that they draw the outlines in ArtRage, and then colour it in Photoshop. I've attached an image of...
  7. N

    I'm new, don't bite...

    Was just messing around today, I'm pretty new to photoshop but it's sooo fun! Let me know what you think of these (honestly please!) :cheesygrin:
  8. Chsavage

    First Ever Pen Vector Art.

    That was rough.
  9. Chsavage

    Ins and Outs of the Pen

    In my journey to improve my photoshop skills (it's been long and tenuous) I've often wondered how I can take my skills to each proceeding level. I think I'm at the point now where I must become familiar with, and attempt to even master, the pen tool. Simple yet vexing all at the same time. I...
  10. J

    Working with "Channels" in Ps CC

    Hi! Thanks in advance for the help... Lately our licensors have been sending more and more artwork assets that are in Multichannel mode with spot colour separations and i need to be able to convert it to other formats. This is great when we send finished art to our suppliers but I need to be...
  11. X

    Hi :)

    Hello :) I've recently started to get back into Photoshop and photo-manipulation art - both for my job as a gallery assistant and for my personal art. I've used both the old Photoshop (v. 6.0!) and the new Adobe Photoshop CC as well as GIMP. I hope to learn lots and make new friends on...
  12. chrisdesign

    3D Neon Sign Art

    A little bit of BLENDER soft glow in the dark.
  13. L

    Photoshop request (new to site)

    Hi everyone I am new to the site and don't really know my way a round yet. I am looking for someone to put a couple of pictures together for me for some cover art for a song I am making. Please gurus get back to me with any help. Thank you Liam!
  14. E

    Pop art chars

    is it hard to draw characters like this?
  15. G

    Define Brush Preset Question

    Photoshop CC 2017 and a Mac. Lately, I have been playing with creating brushes out of just black and white line art. I first will do a selection using COLOR RANGE...seems to be the best choice since the image is just black and white line art. Once I have the selection I then create a brush...
  16. V

    Hi from Hampshire U.K.

    I am an artist using photoshop for my fine art prints, greetings cards, posters, logos.. you name it!
  17. SepiaPhotographi

    Does Phogoshop Gurus Allow Fan-Art?

    I was wondering if you guys allow Photoshop'd fan art (since it is transformative)? Thanks..
  18. chrisdesign

    3D Spiral Staircase

    This job started as a BLENDER exercise, getting to know the 'array modifier'. Finally I ended up creating a small work of art. Comments are very welcome.
  19. C

    New and not sure how this works :)

    Hello all! I joined because im really hoping to gdt some photoshop help. I have a picture i need edited but i am hopeless with art things so can one of you do it for me maybe and if so, how does that work where do i submit it? Thank you!!
  20. R

    Which tools to use?

    Hello This is my first post so I hope it's in the correct forum as I'm looking for advice as to how I make changes to this image vs. having someone just do the work for me. I would like to understand what the best technique is to changing the background being the letter 'ART CH' to match the...