1. dv8_fx

    Challenge 34 (Advanced) SUBMISSION THREAD - Street Art

    Thank you, chrisdesign for creating this new challenge. To all eager participants... UPLOAD YOUR ENTRIES HERE. All entries will be hidden and can only be viewed during the voting period. For new members and first time challenge participants, please refer to the challenge guidelines...
  2. chrisdesign

    Challenge 34 Street Art (Advanced)

    Hi everyone. Challenge 34 (Advanced) is about Street Art. You have to decorate this attached image with your personal Street Art. You may only use this image, or you will not qualify in this contest. This challenge starts Monday February 1st 2016 and ends Sunday February 14th 2016 at 11:59...
  3. Eggy

    3D 3D wooden row-boat

    Again an experiment in PS 3D. I made a wooden row-boat. I must say its doesn't look very natural but that is, in my eyes, the case for most common 3D art. Well I made the boat and I had to make use of it so I tried this Absolutely not perfect but I had fun making it (I think...) :banghead:
  4. A

    Looking to transform photo into art

    I have a photo of a dog, I am looking to get it changed into pop art. Something similiar to a Dean Russo style art. If you google it you can see what it looks like, Will hire and pay someone who can do it
  5. W

    Can someone tell me how to edit pictures like this ?

    Hi all, Can anyone help me how this picture is edited ? What type of edit is this ? Is this a digital art ? How to do it ? Image link is here
  6. Masoumeh Tavakoli Art

    Photoshop Magazines -2015

    Hi all Any body know Photoshop magazines to submit artwork for this year? also how I can submit art to Practical Photoshop? do you know?
  7. E

    Looking for help to isolate elements in a photographed piece of art.

    Hi everyone, I've got a pretty layered piece of art and looking for someone with OCD like pen-tool skills to carve it out and slice + isolate a number of elements in the piece. The turnaround is a bit tight as I'm looking for someone to who'd be able to do it in the next few days. I'd look...
  8. E

    Genre name of this kind of art?

    Hey there fella's (and ladies) I once got this image from Deviantart or something and I really liked it and made a signature out of it. Though, that was quite awhile ago and I kinda f'd it up because I selected my outlining with it which I later removed which left some transparent lining...
  9. Zain Khan

    Need some help

    I have a client who needed tileset for a topdown 2D game. The tiles he needed should be of withered road as the game is set in an apocalytic world. He needed me to match his style. All wanted to know is do you thing the road that I have made matches the art style that he needs? Then and only...
  10. Zain Khan

    Art Style help

    Hello my PSG friends. I am stuck with finding out the art style of the attached image. Can I know what is this art-style called? So I can search for relevant example of its tutorials I just want to know what is this art-style called
  11. Paul

    Right at the end...

    Not Photoshop but still really great to see out of the box thoughts going into art projects.
  12. rambomhtri

    Questions about replacing colors and stuff

    Hi, I was trying to create an album art using an already existing album art that is almost identical. This is the high quality album art: And the album art I want to create is this one: That orange right there is this one: # f96000 What I do is use the "Replace color..." tool in the Image...
  13. Masoumeh Tavakoli Art

    Digital Arts By Masoumeh Tavakoli

    Some of my art works would be nice to know your ideas about them :)
  14. albertdsouza

    Car accident Photomanipulation

    This is something I did in October last year. Feedback and tips are welcome :)
  15. A

    Filling line art with gradients

    Hi, I can't seem to be able to fill in my line art with gradients. I used the pen tool to make the line art on one layer. The gradient tool just splashes my whole layer instead of the sections I want. What can I do to change this? I'm trying to follow this low-poly spin tutorial...
  16. chrisdesign

    Photo into Work of Art

    To transform this owl in a small work of art, I only needed to apply the liquify filter. I painted over the image with free brushstrokes, with settings as shown in the screen shots. before after Screenshots
  17. B

    I am a Photomanipulation Artist - Critique me

    I am an artist, no wait.... im a commercial diver, well actually im a geek at heart.... But i do make art... kinda? So here is my battle, i am a computer kid, everything computer related is me. The problem is everything i know is self taught. School seemed like a complete waste of time when it...
  18. pslane

    Pixel art with PhotoShop

    Hello, I do a lot of pixel art with PSP and would like to do it with PS. Tonight I tried and the pixels won't come out clear. Is there a secret to making pixel art with PS? Thanks, pslane
  19. Zain Khan

    Some artwork I did

    How does it looks? :)
  20. R

    Hi All!

    Hi all, I'm Kris, I'm 22 and I'm a Photoshop artist for an electro-components company in the UK. I've been using Photoshop for about 10 years now and have worked on various different types of project, from forum and web art, to leaflets/posters and video game art. I am entirely self-taught...