1. B

    Creative need miracle ps guru's help

    hi i need my picture to be edited like the sample in either black or white background. i don't have any particular idea what it should look like, just work some miracle and make it look completely mind blowing and beautiful. or just like the sample would be appreciated. thanks in advance best...
  2. Speedyslyder

    Hi new to the forum try to figure it out:)

    Hi im new here have been playing with pics for awhile though here to learn from all of the awesome people here yes that is my face:rolleyes:
  3. K

    Vlog title images

    Can someone please help me make these pictures see through as well as more professional and modern? I am looking to have the same font as Rogue fitness equipment has and make them look awesome for my Vlogs for youtube at the beginning and be a great T-shirt. Any suggestions would be great...
  4. C

    Can someone photoshop an actual balloon of a hot air balloon on this picture for me?

    If someone can add a balloon to this picture that would be awesome. Thanks!!
  5. H


    Can anyone put my boys head on the transformer? He already thinks he is one but this would be awesome!!
  6. P

    Add Smile to my Dog

    Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone would be able to add a human-like smile to my dog? A year or two ago I had a similar request, and this was the awesome job that someone did for me (for reference). Thank you in advance!
  7. M

    I desperate need some help with this photo

    can you please help me make this photo more professional? like changing the color of my face, it is too red or just transform it in something creative or funny if you can help me make one photo funny and one creative it will be awesome just make something awesome with this photo please It's for...
  8. Markie Jordan-Madden

    Just Want to Say Thank You!

    In the past several days, maybe a week, I've learned so much about Photoshop, much more than I expected I would! I know how to download and install fonts, I've installed and used Pixel Squid which is freaking awesome! I can also make my own backgrounds (did a camo earlier), and I've learned how...
  9. S

    Feeling Awesome to be a part of this community.

    Hi, My name is sarab and i am contributing to the information world since last 6-7 years. I am here to stay up to date with the community :)
  10. B

    Need some help

    Hey There! I wanted to ask if someone could help me out with a picture. I am new to photoshop and i tried to get a pic to be with better quality but..well.. it didn't work out. So if someone could help me and get it to be in a better quality it would be awesome! (both works)
  11. B

    Gurus How to make these awesome looking patterns ?

    How to make these awesome looking patterns ? Any tutorial or tips from Gurus is really useful These are the various pattern found .On This web site is it grain on that 7 , 5 , 5 ??
  12. J

    Could someone please help me on a picture??

    It would be so awesome if anyone could crop OUT the golf cart in front of us and clear the pic up a little. I would be so thankful if you could help me out. Thanks!! If not possible to crop cart out, just clear the image.
  13. U

    Skin Edit

    Hey guys! Love this photo, but can someone make my back look more appealing, like smooth the bump out? Any PRO help would be awesome and appreciated!
  14. J

    Science project help!!

    Can anyone please help design an awesome title for a 4th grade science project? It's for my son & his friend & they wanted an awesome eye catching title. The title is "DEFYING GRAVITY" If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!
  15. yoda007

    Greetings Just Joined Forum - looks like an awesome site!

    I have been involved with photoshop, illustrator and fireworks for about 9 years now and feel quite silly for not joining this forum earlier! This looks like an incredible site to get tips and share tips thanks to the creators of this site - I am looking forward to utilizing the wealth of...
  16. Dangeruss


    I just joined yesterday, so hi! I was trained as a graphic designer in a collegiate visual communication technology class in Denver, CO in 1998 while I was still in high school. That year I won 2nd place in an all district completion among 25 other GD hot shots in bus bench ad competition. I...
  17. B

    Awesome Dispersion Effect Tutorial!

    I found this online and the effect is really sick, I had to make it my first share! Enjoy =] Watch "Photoshop tutorial on dispersion effect" on TutorialTube I tried embedding the video directly but it dident seem to work!
  18. D

    Awesome Video walkthrough of making an amazing Poster design

    Just found this amazing video where guy shows his process of making a poster. Looks amazing, it's not a real tutorial but you can catch some stuff from watching it! Definitely good for inspiration esp. for those who work on posters/CD Covers/Banners etc. Makes me want...
  19. D

    What an Awesome forum to stumble across!

    Hi all, Just found this place by pure accident - I Googled Photoshop Help and Google Instant prompted forum so I thought what the hell lets have a look and I arrive here!!! Had a look around and this is exactly what I need - a place where I can learn of people who are much more proficient...
  20. MrPhotoHawke


    This is a new explosion effect I've been working on. I think it's pretty rad. I need to practice it more coz it's new to me but I'm freaking stoked anyway. I'm thinking it would look sweet if I blew up a car with this or maybe derailed a train. <img src=""...