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  1. J

    Specific Replace background with beach

    Could you kindly edit the photo to show the individual standing on a sandy beach, captured in a full-body shot, with a bright, sunny, and warm background, and wearing swimwear? Thanks. image 2
  2. Aigona

    Specific Buckground for a car photo

    Hi! I need find best related buckground for this car, it should looks like real commercial. Or where can I find them? Thanks in advance!
  3. D

    Specific Remove people from image.

    Hi everybody, This request is maybe something of a challenge, but is it possible to remove the girl in the white T-shirt and the girl in the black jeans from the background? I’ve tried to fix it myself already by blurring the background but I found that the focus (in my opinion) is still on...
  4. MonyetGuru

    Design Breakdown

    Hey everyone, so my skills in Photoshop is real basic and i want to know how do i make the background (black lines and circle) in this poster? Thanks in advance!
  5. Z

    Paid Student app design 0$~100$

    Hello, I'm developping a small android application to learn Japanese, it's not a big deal as I'm developping this as a student. But i still want it to look good. The theme is Japan so the design should give that vibe, but not something "weaboo", not anime/cliche Japan. I thought about...
  6. C

    Problem wih red text over grey backgound.

    When building covers for eBooks, I have a grey background and am trying to put red text over it. It seems to be a problem with the tranparency of the text, but opacity of text is set to 100%. Would someone point me in the right direction? Attached is a sample. Charlie